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IIT Foundation The IIT Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the capability of Indian Institute of Technology ("IIT"), Kharagpur. It's primary objective is to raise funds for the Institute.
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Message from the Director

Dear KGPians,

Season’s Greetings from Your Alma Mater!

At the completion of another year, let me first share with you some good news. We took several major steps towards our ambitious Vision 2020 programme. During this calendar year, we rolled out new academic programme like credit-based Micro-specializations to enhance career opportunities for students. We have started the project to revamp the accommodation facilities for our students, with new halls of residence coming up and upgrading of the older ones. Several more classrooms as well as air-conditioning have been started at the Nalanda Complex and new science laboratory blocks have been made available to students. The construction of the new 400 bed hospital for the medical school and the Research Park at Rajarhat Kolkata have been taken up as well. At our instance, the Government of India has initiated the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) Programme with IIT Kharagpur as the national coordinator. The National Digital Library project is well on its way and its first version is going to be launched soon.

The Government of India has been instrumental in developing the IITs. However, the transformation IIT Kharagpur has undergone, from being an engineering college to a multidisciplinary technological institution, could be attributed significantly to the contributions by you, our alumni who have enabled and helped realize new heights. The M N Faruqui Innovation Centre funded by Shri Arjun Malhotra (70/EC) is empowering students from the first year to experiment on innovative projects. The Shri Gopal Rajgarhia (68/CH) International Programme funded by the namesake has facilitated students and scholars from the Institute to participate in academic and research programmes abroad and also their incoming counterparts. Shri Vinod Gupta (67/AG) announced alumni funded international internships and instituted exchange programmes with George Washington School of Law. Both of these initiatives have been key promoters of internationalization aspect which is a major parameter in international ranking of higher educational institutions and also ensures global exposure to students for career development. The Transdisciplinary Programme on Petroleum Engineering funded by Shri Asoke Kumar Deysarkar (71/CH) has opened a new avenue for students aiming for career in the field. Ron Gupta (70/AR) led the 1970 Class Gift which is a pioneering initiative for commemorating alumni contribution in the Institute which will as a remembrance of alumni imprint at the Institute. Also alumni from several batches have come together to contribute in the Batch Endowment campaign to build the endowment fund for the Institute. This is the fund which the Institute is nurturing to achieve the goal of self reliance in the coming years. Additionally my recommendation for “Alumni Returns to Teach” programme and “Director’s Fund” from last year are to be implemented as well and we hope to launch them in the coming year. All of these initiatives are enablers of the Vision 2020 programme and more such initiatives are much needed for its success. I am affirmative, you are also eager to lend your helping hand to your Alma Mater.

I have been reaching out to you all through my Facebook page for quite a few months now. Join me there in this Yajna and write to me about how you would like to help. Before the few days in this year bid us adieu, let us commit ourselves to initiatives dedicated to fulfill our goal of making IIT Kharagpur a top global institution in the near future.  

Wishing you, your family and friends blissful holidays ahead
With warm regards
Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (”PPC”)
IIT Kharagpur Alumnus, Faculty and Director

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Coffee Table Photo Book on IITians

Distinguished Service Award recipient and award winning photo journalist Shyamal Roy (IIT KGP 1965) has done it again.

He has published a new coffee-table photo book titled: “IMPACT of IIT Alumni” in the USA. The book is a compilation of 46 photos portraying the
impact made on society by over 50,000 IIT alumni residing in America.

This is a must have book to enjoy, and share with friends and colleagues. Please purchase the book, place it in a prominent
position in your home and office and send out copies of the book as gifts to your friends and professional contacts, In doing so, you
become an “IIT Brand Bearer”, that celebrates the accomplishments and profound heritage of the IIT alumni.

The book is available online from Shyamal’s website: http://www.shyamalroy.com (click on the “Books” link).

If you have questions or would like to use Paypal contact Shyamal indicating what you wish to order and he will send you ordering information.

Shyamal plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the IIT alumni movement, so please order at your earliest as there are only a limited number of copies available for sale.

Roy Da Silva
President, IIT Foundation
(1974 EE RK)

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IIT Global Leadership Conference 2015 July 24-26, Santa Clara CA

Dear IITian,

The next IIT Alumni Global Leadership Conference 2015 will be held in Santa Clara, CA on July 24-July 26, 2015. Take advantage of the Super Early Bird pricing and register now at http://iit-2015.org .

The theme of the Conference is “The Internet of People.” It’s about bringing the best and brightest minds together – those like you who Give Back, Achieve, Innovate, and Inspire so that all strata of society GAIN.

Yes, we will have great keynotes, animated panel discussions and intriguing fireside chats. We will have a special IIT-women’s day (this is a pre-conference event and will be on Jul 23, 2015). We will have wonderful entertainment. Meet many of the people who make IIT the respected institution it is. Enjoy the campus connection.

So be part of the movers and shakers to learn, teach, network and collaborate.

Your enthusiastic participation can make this event the yardstick that will be used to guide any future Alumni event.

Sign up now for the Conference, and book your hotel room at special discount rates. But all good things come to an end, both being available for a limited time.

Look forward to meeting you in July at the Conference!

Subhash Tantry
Conference Chair
IIT Alumni Global Leadership Conference, 2015

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End of year message from the President, IIT Foundation

Dear KGP-ians

About a week ago, you received the inspiring message from Director Partha Pratim Chakrabarti about the exciting projects underway at IIT Kharagpur to catapult our Alma Mater from being India’s leading engineering school, to becoming one of the world’s top ranked education and research institutions.

Many of the ultra successful and passionate alums such as Shrigopal Rajgarhia, Arjun Malhotra, Asoke and Ruma Deysarkar, to name a few, made substantial contributions to achieve the Vision 2020 goals this year; however, there are a number of programs that need to be funded through smaller contributions by a large number of KGP-ians.

This season we would like KGP-ians to consider donating to the following programs :

1) The G S Sanyal Award for Faculty
The Foundation plans to kick start the G.S. Sanyal Award with a donation of $50,000 to recognize the contribution of faculty who go beyond the classroom and help students develop into successful alumni. This award will complement the various faculty awards given by IIT Kharagpur to recognize the in-classroom excellence of the teacher/researcher. This award will be announced to the faculty in January, with the distribution of the first award in August 2015.

2) Students Travel Grant
Students (Alums in Training) are brand ambassadors for IIT Kharagpur. To encourage students to participate in brand building international competitions, IIT Foundation will announce a program to fund student participation expenses for travel to USA in 2015 also in January.

3) Visiting Faculty Program / Alumni Return to Teach Program
IIT Foundation, through its Visiting Faculty Program, will also support the “Alumni Return to Teach Program” proposed by the Director.

In addition you are requested to support the Batch Endowment and the Institute Development (ID) Programs.

Please visit http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate to donate today and avail of the tax deductions for tax year 2014 (for USA Federal Tax filers).

On behalf of the IIT Foundation Board I wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.

Warm regards
Roy da Silva (1974/EE/RK)

President, IIT Foundation

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End of year letter from Director, IIT Kharagpur

My dear KGP-ians,

About a year ago I wrote to you about the plans that we had set out for our alma mater and the rollout of the Vision 2020 programme. In 2014 has we have taken several steps forward in some of the key issues identified in the charter to take IIT Kharagpur forward including high quality faculty recruitment as well as major research and infrastructure initiatives. We have initiated some large collaborative research projects that aim to catapult our capabilities into a higher league. Some of the key thematic areas include Signals & Systems in Life Science, Future of Cities, Science & Heritage and Technological Interventions for Food Sustainability. A few recent highlights include IIT Kharagpur being awarded Rs 100 crores for development of a new Research Park in Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur being identified to develop the National e-Library of India whose pilot phase is estimated to be about Rs 102 crores and the hugely successful International Summer-Winter Term programme that is now being considered for national rollout by the Government. A new women’s hostel, international visitor’s complex and a vibrant post-doctoral programme are being executed. The students have been given the responsibility to re-design 3500 rooms of the 10 old hostels. So in a couple of years, many of you will not find your old rooms in the 1951 shape you entered into and left it in!

We are receiving enormous support from alumni to gel with the Vision 2020 programme. For example, the Shrigopal Rajgarhia International Programmes initiative is partially funding our internationalization initiative. Again the M N Faruqui Innovation Centre supported by Arjun Malhotra is going to be a key enabler of the Innovation Programme of Vision 2020. A new Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Engineering funded by Asoke and Ruma Deysarkar and supported by key alumni like Farrokh Mistry is shaping up to be a unique centre where industry-academia-international agencies will work together to provide students unique experiential learning. The various travel grants supported by alumni are very helpful to the students. I am directly in touch with many others like Vin Gupta, Mani Bhaumik, Purnendu Chatterjee, Ron Gupta, Prabha Sinha, Subir Chowdhury, B K Syngal and others not only to take the earlier initiatives forward and but also to define key new programmes. I am very happy to see the Institute Development (ID) Programme and the Batch Endowment Programme growing and am delighted to see alumni take steps to recognize teachers through the proposed G S Sanyal Award and Young Faculty Awards. I look forward to early rollout of these schemes in 2015. I wish to develop a “Director’s Fund” which can be used by the Director to support various projects for the benefit of IIT Kharagpur in general and students and faculty in particular. We are also planning to start a “Alumni Returns to Teach” programme to enable some of our top alumni faculty, researchers and entrepreneurs to come back to teach at IIT Kharagpur. Exciting days are here and in my opinion, we have just begun to take the first steps on Vision 2020. For many of us here, this is our opportunity to work together for IIT Kharagpur to shine in the glory it deserves.
I look forward to all of you to support our programmes and suggest ways in which you can help IIT Kharagpur go forward. Please feel free to get in touch with us on this issue.

With this I wish you, your family and friends, a very happy holiday season ahead.

With warm regards

Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (”PPC”)
IIT Kharagpur Alumnus, faculty and Director

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