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IIT KGP student–entrepreneurs win the largest prize in Rice Business Plan Competition

IIT Foundation congratulates BetaGlide, a start-up run by two Indian student-entrepreneurs who recently won the Mercury Fund Investment Prize and received other commitments totalling over $1M at the Rice Business Plan Competition 2014.

BetaGlide was founded by Amritanshu Anand and Anshul Singhle, two young students from IIT Kharagpur, one of India’s most prestigious universities. Their business began when Amritanshu was working on a mobile application and couldn’t find the right product/service to test it before launch. He soon realised that many others had this problem, and BetaGlide was born. Two years on, the app has over 100 app developers as customers and sits on over 2 million mobile devices around the world. “There are more than 2.5 million apps across the app stores…” said Amritanshu, “We allow developers to track and monitor how their app is performing across devices and benchmark this data to the industry standard. We also generate logs for debugging and solving pain points. There are more than 12,000 devices, which run on 25 different operating systems. It’s difficult for developers to keep track of all of this, but we make it happen.”

From their initial offering of streamlining testing, the app now offers real-time analytics to developers and helps them to not only fix problems fast, but gives them the insights they need to keep people coming back to their applications time and time again.

BetaGlide, mentored by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), (founded by IIT Alums), arrived at the Rice Business Plan Competition 2014, and were judged winners by top venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs from over 30 countries.

Help IIT KGP Students Participate in Competitions held in the USA

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Director’s end-of-year message

Dear Kgp-ians,

At the outset, please accept my heartiest greetings. As the semester here draws to a close, I wish to let you know that we have embarked on an exciting journey at IIT Kharagpur. Over the last four months we have begun to roll out Vision 2020, which is an accelerated programme of achieving benchmarked excellence. We have initiated programmes worth more than Rs 600 crores (US $100 million) to develop infrastructure, research programmes, global collaborations, societal impact projects, student, faculty and staff excellence initiatives, all of which aim at transformational change. The programme is ambitious, challenging and difficult, but in my opinion absolutely necessary. The response from the students, faculty and staff are very encouraging and there is a resonance of energy, enthusiasm and belief that we can achieve our dreams.

Our teams shall soon be meeting many of you either in the PanIIT Meet or in various Alumni centres in India and abroad to share our plans with you. Our Deputy Director, Prof Souvik Bhattacharyya and Dean of Alumni Affairs and International Relations, Prof Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay, will represent our Institute in PanIIT. Though I shall not be able to come to this meet, we are looking at innovative ways through which I and my other colleagues and students can interact with the alumni participating in Houston.

I am clear in my mind that such a formidable task can only be well accomplished if we get the support and encouragement of the alumni. And let me tell you that everyone I have talked to or connected with has been extremely excited and very forthcoming in his or her desire to help. Some of them have already committed to programmes of excellence that gel extremely well with our goals and we are working on finalizing these into proper schemes that support Vision 2020.

I am delighted to learn that, IIT Foundation created The G S Sanyal Award to complement our efforts. One of the key ingredients of a world class institution is world class faculty, who, apart from being world renowned teachers, and researchers, are great mentors who guide students both inside and outside the class room. One such faculty member was the late Professor G S Sanyal. He left behind a “blueprint” for faculty to emulate and “go beyond the class room”. I understand that the IIT Foundation Board has approved a transfer of US $50,000 to seed an endowment that will support a cash prize to the winner of the award for the next 5 years, with an expectation that the award shall be perpetuated through additional donations from alumni around the globe. I am sure that this will get strong support from all of you. I am told that other similar efforts to support teachers and students are in the offing. I look forward to more of these efforts which help provide incentives to nurture excellence.

I look forward to interacting with you more in the times to come.

A very happy holidays to many of you, your family and friends as you kick off this festive season.

Warm regards

Professor Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (”PPC”)
IIT Kharagpur Alum and Director, IIT Kharagpur

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Year end letter from President, IIT Foundation

Dear Kgp-ians,

It is that time of the year when we reflect on the year gone by, remind ourselves of the great times spent at IIT Kharagpur and come together to support our Alma mater in reaching their strategic goals of becoming a leading global university. To help us stay the course, a “Vision 20-20 Report (PDF)” has been prepared by KPMG India at the request of the Board of Govenors of IIT Kharapur.

One of the key ingredients of a world class institution is to have a great faculty who, apart from being world renowned teachers, are great mentors and can guide students and alums to become great leaders. One such faculty member was the late Professor G S Sanyal, who left behind a blueprint for excellence. In his memory, the IIT Foundation created “The G S Sanyal Award” last year and this year has donated $50,000 to seed a cash prize for the next 5 years, with an expectation that the award shall be perpetuated through donations from alumni around the globe.

As an incentive and challenge to all alumni, one of our prominent alumni has agreed to match contributions upto Rs. 10 lacs (approximately US $ 20,000) if made through IIT Foundation in US $ by December 31 2012 and through IIT Kharagpur in INR by March 31 2013.

Another key ingredient of global institutions is the creation of an office to engage global alumni and corporations in forward looking key initiatives, develop sustainable fund raising programs, recruit and retain quality faculty, students and devlop and maintain the IIT Kharagpur brand. IIT Kharagpur has created the Institutional Development (ID) program and seed funds covering related expenses were donated by prominent alums. Additional funds are urgently needed to sustain this program .

Please sustain these initiatives or the one’s announced in previous years by making a generous donation at: http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate

Best wishes for a great holiday season.

Roy da Silva,
President IIT Foundation

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Year-end message from the Director

Damodar AcharyaDear KGP-ians,

A happy holiday season to you and your loved ones .
This year, I am writing to inform you that in September 2011 the Board of Governors of IIT Kharagpur chaired by Shiv Nadar (Founder, HCL) met and committed to make IIT Kharagpur one of the top 20 technical institutions in the world within the next 20 years. This decision brings unprecedented challenges to the faculty, administration, and students of IIT Kharagpur, however we believe we can achieve this with a quantum leap in the involvement of Alums and Industry from all over the world.

Dr Manilal Bhaumik, one of our distinguished alum has led the alumnus engagement program, and agreed to donate 15 acres of land for setting up a Research Park in Kolkata, and has also committed to raise $150 million. However, there are almost 50000 alums world wide who can participate at various levels, in the many initiatives described on IIT Foundation’s website:
http://www.iitfoundation.org/projects .

This year, however I would like you to consider the following :

1) The IIT Foundation initiated “Professor G S Sanyal Award” to promote faculty excellence at IT KGP.
2) The Institutional Development (”ID”) Program to strengthen domestic and international stature of IIT Kharagpur by engaging alumni and corporate relations in forward looking key initiatives
3) The Rajendra Mishra School of Entreprenuership to prepare students for entreprenuership as India makes this industrial transition.
4) Donate just 1% (or a percentage you feel comfortable with) of your annual income to create an IIT Kharagpur Endowment which is very critical to providing sustainable future growth. Also consider lending your time to support various IIT Foundation Initiatives.

Please donate at : http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate

Lastly, I am pleased to invite you to Come back to your roots (Celebration at IIT Kharagpur, scheduled on December 10th 2012, just following the Pan-IIT conference in Kolkata) a year from now when I look forward to meeting you in person.

Thank you for your continued support and a happy and prosperous 2012

Warm Regards

Professor Damodar Acharya, Alum and Director IIT Kharagpur

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Professor G S Sanyal Award for Lifetime Service to IIT Kharagpur by a faculty member

IIT Foundation has established a fund to create a new award — “Professor G S Sanyal Award for Lifetime Service to IIT Kharagpur by a faculty member” — to motivate faculty to be the very best, and simultaneously memorialize Prof. G S Sanyal, the great old man of IIT Kharagpur, whose life’s work remains forever, a “blue print” for all faculty to follow in thier pursuit of excellence.

The award shall be given by IIT Foundation and shall consist of a Trophy, Certificate and Cash prize, to be presented to a faculty member of IIT Kharagpur for lifetime devotion to Teaching, Student Mentorship and Alumni engagement.

The cash prize shall be based on the interest accrued on alumni funds placed in a fixed deposit created for this purpose.

You are requested to donate generously to establish this fund by August 15th 2011, so that we can estimate the cash prize to be given on Founders Day 2012 when the first award shall be made.

Your donations by August 15th will allow us to announce the award on August 22 2011 the day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations .

Please donate genorously by visiting http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate .

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