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Update on the appointment of a new Director at IIT Kharagpur

Dear Kgp-ians,

The IIT Foundation would like to thank the alumni who have expressed a strong desire to resolve the unacceptable delay in the appointment of the Board of Governors (”BOG”) nominated Director of IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (”PPC” to many of his friends and students), caused by the protracted CoalNet inquiry.

Your concerns are being addressed by the Board of Governors, and an extraordinary meeting of the BOG was conducted on March 8, 2013 to address this issue.

The IIT Foundation will be keeping the alumni appraised of developments in this matter, and we request you to continue to express your concerns at the following on-line forums:





Roy da Silva, President IIT Foundation

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IIT 2013 Global Conference — Early Bird Registrations Open

We are delighted to launch online registration for IIT 2013 Global Conference at Houston, TX. The mission of this conference is to assemble the best and the brightest minds, including IIT alumni, at this global event to translate today’s inspirations to tomorrow’s innovations.

Our early bird special registration package starts at $175/ person. Along with registering for yourself, do spread the word around among your friends and batch-mates too, so all of you can enjoy the conference at a great price and plan a reunion in Houston.

Register here: http://iit2013.org/REGISTER-NOW

Prices will go up by 15-25% after the early bird special is over. If you have question, reach us at outreach@iit2013.org. For more information visit http://www.iit2013.org

Let’s inspire innovation for tomorrow - see you in Houston!

Witty Bindra

Hemant Jha
Chair : Registration & Outreach

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Year end letter from President, IIT Foundation

Dear Kgp-ians,

It is that time of the year when we reflect on the year gone by, remind ourselves of the great times spent at IIT Kharagpur and come together to support our Alma mater in reaching their strategic goals of becoming a leading global university. To help us stay the course, a “Vision 20-20 Report (PDF)” has been prepared by KPMG India at the request of the Board of Govenors of IIT Kharapur.

One of the key ingredients of a world class institution is to have a great faculty who, apart from being world renowned teachers, are great mentors and can guide students and alums to become great leaders. One such faculty member was the late Professor G S Sanyal, who left behind a blueprint for excellence. In his memory, the IIT Foundation created “The G S Sanyal Award” last year and this year has donated $50,000 to seed a cash prize for the next 5 years, with an expectation that the award shall be perpetuated through donations from alumni around the globe.

As an incentive and challenge to all alumni, one of our prominent alumni has agreed to match contributions upto Rs. 10 lacs (approximately US $ 20,000) if made through IIT Foundation in US $ by December 31 2012 and through IIT Kharagpur in INR by March 31 2013.

Another key ingredient of global institutions is the creation of an office to engage global alumni and corporations in forward looking key initiatives, develop sustainable fund raising programs, recruit and retain quality faculty, students and devlop and maintain the IIT Kharagpur brand. IIT Kharagpur has created the Institutional Development (ID) program and seed funds covering related expenses were donated by prominent alums. Additional funds are urgently needed to sustain this program .

Please sustain these initiatives or the one’s announced in previous years by making a generous donation at: http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate

Best wishes for a great holiday season.

Roy da Silva,
President IIT Foundation

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Remembering Prof. M N Fauqui

What can I say about someone who has been a teacher, a guide, a friend, a philosopher, an elder brother, a father figure for me for most of my adult life. It seems to me like “mere sirr sa haath uth gaya hai”.

I joined IIT Kharagpur when I was 16. I met him probably when I was 18 and he has been a key part of my life since then. I remember walking into the line communication lab in my 3rd year with Prof J Das, Prof M N Faruqui and Prof Maskara. I (and a lot of my class) had gone to Kharagpur to become Electronics Engineers and this was one of our first classes in the department. The Professors dismantled the Teletype machine (I think it was an ASR 33) into its approx. 1500 parts and asked us to put it together again and make it work. Obviously this did not happen. We could not even put it together. Prof J Das really ticked us off. He said we were wasting his time and we would never become engineers. I remember Prof Faruqui consoling us after that and telling us not to take it to heart and that these failures happen and we should work harder and smarter next time and surprise everyone. A simple lesson, but something as an 18 year old I have never forgotten and still try and treat failure as my stepping stone to the next achievement.

You may remember that to graduate in ECE, in my time, you had to have read the “Old Testament (Radio Engineering Handbook by Terman) and the “New Testament” (Switching Circuits by Millman and Taub). It has been over 42 years since I graduated but I still remember these books like it was yesterday. Prof Faruqui took our Switching Circuits classes. At that time it was another course that was taught well. Only when I went to work at DCM and got involved in their Electronic Calculator group in the commercial area, that I realized that I knew as much or more about the circuits and design of these switching circuits (that were the core of those machines) than my friends in R&D. This put me in a unique position with the Executive Director of that division as I could demystify the electronics and also give him a commercial view of the matter. I realize now that it was the Switching Circuits classes and knowledge that allowed me to be in this position. In fact, that exposure to strategic decision making at a large company, when I was 22 years old, probably played a vital role in my having the confidence to start HCL as a 25 year old some 4 years later in 1975.

When we started Microcomp (the forerunner to HCL) in 1975, we initially decided to trade in calculators, make some money and invest it in developing our own computers. You may remember those were the days when the word entrepreneur did not exist and we all lived in a socialist license raj. Job security was the most important thing. I am not sure Prof Faruqui quite initially approved this change I had made. He rightly felt I should have pursued an academic career (which is what I had planned in Kharagpur). But as the business progressed and HCL grew I saw not just approval but also joy in the success of his student. You do not very often see teachers happy about the success of their students but I have to say that not only did I see this but I received a lot of advice and encouragement. I remember visiting his lab in Kharagpur 5 or 6 times a year and he would always have me see the work that was going on and invariably pull me into some technical discussion. I used to always wonder what value I was adding as I had been away from the technical field for many years. I realized later that he was trying to make sure I did not just become a “salesman” but had my “fundas” clear.

I know he has done this not just with me with a number of his students over time and I have them tell me about this. It is these things that made him a great human being. Someone I (and I am sure many others) will sorely miss. I could go on and on about what he did when he was Deputy Director at IIT Kharagpur, at IMT, at AMU etc. sometimes I really feel as a country we do not recognize our real role models. Then I feel I was fortunate not to have to share his time and wisdom with so many other people and was able to spend time with him when he came to Delhi over the last few years.

His passing away has left a void in my life that I know cannot be filled. The circle of life says that all of us who are born have to go at some time. We know this deep inside us. It just does not make it easier even knowing this. My deepest condolences to everyone in his family. Even now somewhere inside me the fact that he is not with us has still not sunk in.

– Arjun Malhotra (1970 ECE RP)

Prof. M N Fauqui was an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur (1952-1956). From 1958 to 1990, he was a member of the Faculty at IIT Kharagpur (including a few years as Deputy Director), after which he became the Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Prof. Faruqui recently passed away in Kanpur. Prof. Farqui is survived by his wife and two children.

More about Prof. Faruqui:

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Alumni Picnic, San Francisco Bay Area, Sat Sep 8

This year we are planning a fun-filled Bar-B-Que on Saturday September 8th, 2012, in our private area in beautiful Vasona Park in Los Gatos.
The cost to attend is reasonable considering it includes sports, and children activity, along with sumptuous food and a variety of beverages (soft as well as brewed!!!)

What: IIT Kharagpur Alumni Picnic
When: Saturday, September 8 2012, 11am onwards
Where: Vasona Lake County Park
Raintree Picnic Area
333 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, CA

Cost: $15/adult, $10/child. Note: Prices go up after Aug 31, so hurry!
Register: http://www.iitkgpsv.org

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