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IIT2005 Conference Media Coverage

IIT 2005 ConferenceThe recent IIT 2005 Conference was an unqualified success, attracting over 2000 participants.
Here is a compilation of various media links on the event:

Our thanks to the IIT Bombay Heritage Fund for the nice compilation of these links.
Some more media links can be found at: http://www.iit2005.org/news/news.shtm

The IIT 2005 Picture Gallery is at: http://www.sainiproductionz.com/iit2005/photos

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India Today “Top 10 Colleges of India”

Cover Photo of India Today, June 13th 2005
Close on the heels of the Dataquest survey comes yet another survey by India Today-AC NIELSEN-ORG-MARG. The June 13th Issue of India Today has “Top 10 Colleges of India” as their cover story. IIT Kharagpur is ranked 6th among the Engineering Colleges. Of all the IITs, only IIT Roorkee is ranked behind IIT Kharagpur. IIT Delhi managed to clinch the top spot. Interestingly, IIT Kharagpur has been ranked number 1 in "Factual Rank", although the article does not really explain what that means.

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

This year also sees IIT Mumbai and IIT Madras, third and fourth runners-up respectively for the past two years, move up by one place behind IIT Delhi. These are two of the most resilient IITs. "IIT Mumbai has the best faculty and attracts the best of students because we are located in the country’s industrial captial. Last year, we got 47 of the top 100 JEE students," says Dipan Kumar Ghosh, deputy director, IIT, Mumbai.

We would like to hear from you. What do you think of surveys like this? Do you think they are useful? Please add your Comment, or please join in this Ongoing Discussion.

Note: You will need a paid subscription to view the online article.

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2004 Fundraising Results

On behalf of the IIT Foundation Board of Directors and Vision 2020 Fundraising Team we are pleased to announce the 2004 Fundraising results:

  1. 171 alums contributed a total of $330,000, at an average of $1930 per contribution. This is the second highest in IIT Foundation’s history and the highest since the Internet-boom times. This represents a 340% increase in fundraising over $75,340 of 2003, a 40% increase in alums participation over 121 in 2003 and a 210% increase in average contribution per alum.
  2. More…

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