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Tsunami Research Update from IIT Kharagpur

On December 26th 2004 the world experienced a tsunami, which, in a few hours caused death and destruction that dwarfed the casualties of a war many times over. As the year progressed we also experienced the earthquake in Kashmir, and the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, seeing first hand how unprepared we are to handle the fury of nature.

As scientists and engineers we may not be able to prevent the re-occurrence of such natural phenomenon; however, we do believe that much could be done to minimize the impact of such re-occurrences and make the world a safer place for our children and grandchildren.

To enable the enormous work at hand, an initial commitment from IIT Kharagpur and University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth ("UMassD") resulted in establishing the Centre for Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences ("CORAL") located at IIT Kharagpur. (Editor’s note: We had reported on this back in July of this year).

CORAL is an umbrella organization chartered to carry out collaborative research and teaching with the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, USA and with other departments at IIT Kharagpur, so that inter-disciplinary expertise can be brought together to focus on research related to natural hazards.

On December 26th 2005, on the first anniversary of the south-east Asian tsunami, an atlas that shows the time it will take for a tsunami to travel to 250 coastal cities from its point of origin, was released for distribution.

It is our sincere hope that many of you will see the benefits that CORAL brings to society and contribute to CORAL’s future activity by funding research programs and student scholarships.

Please send your donations by visiting http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate . Donations are tax-deductible for USA Federal tax-payers.

UMassD maintained page about CORAL: http://www.smast.umassd.edu/modeling/coral/coral.htm .

A detailed report on the first year of operation of CORAL shall be issued in July 2006.

Thank you,

Dr. Avijit Gangopadhyay (1979 NA LLR),
Associate Dean (Interim), School for Marine Science and Technology,
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth


Roy daSilva (1974 EE RK), President IIT Foundation

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Message from Arjun Malhotra, Vision 2020 Chairman

Advanced VSLI Lab, IIT Kharagpur

Dear Alumni,
I am writing to encourage you to donate generously during December, Dakshina Month, and help us beat the challenge made by the Dean, to send back to IIT Kharagpr twice the monetary amount transferred last year.

Historically, a few passionate alumni have made significant contributions that resulted in projects , with benefits to IIT Kharagpur, and it’s faculty and students. However if the majority of the IIT Kharagpur graduates participate in “Giving Back”, much more is possible.

In the months ahead we plan to provide updates on the various projects being undertaken at IIT Kharapur with Alumni participation .The first such report from Professors P. P Chakrabarti (1985 CS RK)and Amit Patra (1984 EE Campus) who are responsible for the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory at IIT Kharagpur will be made available in January of next year. I am sure you will be proud of the achievements.

In the mean time, my sincerest thanks to all the Kgp-ians who have already contributed this year, and for those who are yet to do so, please visit http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate , and participate in making an impact.

I hope I can count on your generosity.

Arjun Malhotra (1970 ECE RP)
Chairman, IIT Foundation Vision 2020 Program

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Giving Back during “Dakshina Month”, December 2005 (Message from Dean of Alumni Affairs)

Donate to IIT foundationDear Roy,

Thank you for informing me that IIT Foundation has named December as “Dakshina Month“, during which giving back to IIT Kharagpur shall receive your highest priority.

Outlined below is my response to your request for identifying areas of co-operation between Alumni and IIT KGP so that we can leverage of each other’s strengths:

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December is “Dakshina Month”. Give back to your alma mater

Donate to IIT FoundationDecember is “Dakshina Month“. Give back to the institution that changed our lives in so many ways.

Dear KGP-ian:

We, the IIT Foundation Vision 2020 team, are writing to ask you to open your purse strings and give the dakshina your gurukul expects from you.

This year, we have received an e-mail message from the Dean of Alumni Affairs at IIT Kharagpur, urging us to donate at least twice of what was raised last year.

Here’s how you can participate in giving back and helping beat the expectation of IIT Kharagpur:

  1. Visit http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate
  2. Make a contribution. (Donation is tax deductible for USA Federal tax-payers)
  3. Reach out to 10 other of your closest friends and get them to do the same.

We urge every IITian to act today. IIT Kharagpur is counting on your support. Let us not let them down.

Best Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday Season from the Vision 2020 Team.

Roy daSilva, President, IIT Foundation (1974 EE RK)
Joseph Sreshta, Secretary, IIT Foundation (1972 NA AZ)
Shailendra “Shailu” Verma, Treasurer, IIT Foundation (1990 MF AZ)

P.S: Watch for a report on the success and future needs of projects that have been influenced by alumni participation.

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IITians bring the gift of light

Sunlit nights
From Indian Express, dated November 27 2005, comes this heartwarming news article: Sunlit nights:

PUNE: EVERY day when the sun set at Bhairavnath Vasti behind the Sahyadri mountains nearly 150 km from Pune, the huts would be shrouded in darkness, just like five crore rural households in India that go without electricity. But that was two months ago.

Bhairavnath Vasti no longer settles in darkness after sunset ever since Mumbai-based Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation (GSBF) installed digital solar lamps in nearly 50 huts of the area, bringing light to the lives to the villagers—free of charge.

At the forefront of this endeavour are two IIT graduates, who have designed the system and dream of taking it to the lightless homes in India.

Jasjeet Singh Chaddha (1985 AZ EE)and Kama Krishnamoorthy (1985 AZ NA) are the two IITians behind this endeavour.

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