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Miracle school of coaching for IIT JEE

BBC Online is reporting the amazing story of an Patna’s "Ramanujam School of Mathematics":

Consider the results of this 30-seat school run out of a ramshackle yard - during its first year, 2003, 18 of the 30 students cracked the IIT entrance tests.

Next year, the number rose to 22. In 2005, 26 students sailed into IITs. Last year, 28 students passed the exam.

"This year, my school may well hit a jackpot with all my 30 students passing the entrance test," said Mr Kumar, 34, who has never been to an IIT, but won critical praise for his work in mathematics.

Our very own Sandipan Deb is quoted in the article as well.

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Enterpreneurship cell at IIT Kharagpur

Enterpreneurship Cell, IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur has recently started an Enterpreneurship Cell on it’s campus, under the aegis of Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC), under the guidance of Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, Dean SRIC.

From the website:

Entrepreneurship Cell, (E-Cell), IIT Kharagpur, has been started under the aegis of SRIC with one major goal - to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students at IIT Kharagpur. In keeping with this goal, E-Cell will organize a series of lectures and workshop focusing on various general aspects of entrepreneurship. E-Cell will also function as a guide to students with concrete business ideas.
We will hook up budding entrepreneurs with possible mentors gleaned from the industry, possibly famous alumni who would have a better perspective. After the due diligence when the business plans are prepared, we will help get investment from venture capitalists. E-Cell would also set up a contact list of other such societies in colleges both in India and abroad. This would help the students have a ready set of contacts when he starts off his venture.

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