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Letter from Arjun Malhotra, Chairman, Vision 2020

Dear KGPites ,

I am writing to follow up on a request made by Roy daSilva, President of IIT Foundation, to give back generously to IIT Kharagpur during December 2006.

The Vision 2020 initiative expects to raise $200 million by the year 2020 to fund "steeples of excellance" that would ensure IIT Kharagpur’s leadership for generations to come. When the fund raising target was first proposed, the nay-sayers said it could never be achieved. However, when we did the math we realized, that by 2010 IIT KGP would have graduated over 20,000 students, and if every alum contributed a minimum of $1000/year for 10 years we could easily raise $200,000,000.

However, the reality is, as of today, we have less than 150 Alums who give back regularly. Hence , if we are to succeed it is imperative that every KGPite gives back immediately.

I urge you to :

  1. Spend a few moments to reflect on the monetary benefits that have accrued to you from the world class education you received while at IIT Kharagpur and the brand equity of IIT in the market.
  2. Make a 10-year committment to give back a small percentage of your annual income …. May I suggest 2% or more.
  3. Visit http://www.iitfoundation.org today and every year hereafter and make your donation.
  4. Encourage your IIT friends to do the same, and get your company to match your contribution.

Let’s all give back to an institution that has molded our sucess, contribute to creating steeples of excellence and a leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

I am counting on your generosity and support for this great cause.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Arjun Malhotra, (1970 ECE RP)
Chairman, Vision 2020, IIT Foundation
Donations to IIT Foundation are tax-deductible for US Federal Tax-payers.

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Letter from Vinod Gupta, Founder of IIT Foundation

Donate to IIT FoundationDear KGPites:

I always think of IIT as my Holy Temple. All of us can make a significant contribution to IIT Kharagpur — an institution each one of us deeply cares about. Which is why, I enabled the founding of IIT Foundation, a tax exempt organization which funds projects in Kharagpur. In 2007, the IIT Foundation has enabled important projects in IIT Kharagpur, such as:

Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual and Patent Law
I have contributed significantly in building this law school which will add an important component to the technical education provided in Kharagpur.

Arun Sarin Electronics Materials Research Laboratory
This is a new lab funded by Arun Sarin to commemorate the silver jubilee of the Metallurgy Department.

Conference on Nano-technology
Kharagpur is leading the research in Nano-technology in India and IIT Foundation is providing funding to seed this effort.

Bio-technology Park
IIT Foundation is funding Dr Dhurbes Biswas who is leading the establishment of a Bio-tech Park in IIT Kharagpur.

Nina Saxena Memorial Fund
This fund awards innovative research across India and was founded by friends and family of Dr Nina Saxena — a KGPite who passed away tragically in 2005.

And the list goes on. If we can do something to improve the lives of students, they will never forget us.

I request you to contribute generously and send a note to Roy Da Silva or Shailu Verma with your interest in participating in IIT Foundations activities.

We need you to volunteer in the foundation just as much as we like you to contribute financially.

Vinod “Vin” Gupta (1967 AGE RK)
Founder, IIT Foundation
Note: Donations to IIT Foundation are tax deductible for US Federal Tax Payers.

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"Pi Tech" a Pan-IIT Magazine

Pi Tech MagazineQuoting from http://www.pitechmagazine.com:

Pi Tech magazine is produced by PanIIT (www.iit.org), the joint alumni organization of the even Indian Institutes of Technology. In addition to news and features on areas at the cutting edge of science and technology, Pi Tech highlights the accomplishments of the IITs and their alumni. It also serves as a place to discuss technology issues of importance to India.

Our contributors include scientists, engineers, teachers, business people and policymakers, many of them eminent in their fields, whose views reflect the shape of things to come.

Check it out.

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December is “Dakshina Month”

Dear Alum,

It seems like yesterday when we were wishing each other a Happy New Year and now the end of the year is upon us. Once again IIT Foundation has designated December “Dakshina Month”, during which we would like to appeal to every KGPian to “Give Back”, so that IIT KGP continues to shine as a beacon of excellence, with benefits accruing to generations to come.

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