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So, we’re all IIT-ians now? - Article by Aditya Jha

Here is a thought provoking article by Aditya Jha (1987 CHE RK) on the Indian Government initiative to create more IITs. Read the complete article at Indian Express. Here are some excerpts:

By proposing dozens more of IITs, the government misses the value of excellence

IITs are in trouble. The human resource development ministry has initiated a brilliant pincer movement that first seeks to control and then to destroy them. If reports are to be believed, and given the kite flying taking place at the HRD ministry I will reserve my judgment till it actually happens, India will have at least 19 Indian Institutes of Technology pretty soon and maybe 30 within the next few years.

An IIT-ian friend of mine once went out for an arranged date with an air hostess in Hong Kong. As the music changed gears, the air hostess kept asking him to dance with her and my friend kept declining with a polite, “I can’t do the twist/disco/cha-cha-cha.” Finally, the air hostess lost her cool and is reported to have demanded, “What? You can’t even do the Can-Can? What can you do?”

To which, the proud IIT-ian responded, “I can do second order partial differential equations; can you?”

Brand IIT is not about IITs; it’s about IIT-ians. And, mostly, it is about undergraduate IIT-ians at that. People who have done M-Tech from IITs always feel discriminated against. Since they never cracked the JEE, there’s no way they will be accepted into the tribe.

Someday, the government will realise that it makes more sense to concentrate on primary education and to get out of higher education. Someday, it will disband the UGC and allow private players into higher education with no strings attached. Someday, there will be an engineering college that will challenge the existing IITs. Someday, the private colleges will use technology to deliver learning 2.0 to students. Someday, private engineering colleges will emerge, with entrance exams, personality tests and learning methodologies that will leave the IITs behind. And the challengers will arise. And the IITs will have to learn to compete.

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Annual Spring Picnic - Houston Chapter

IIT Kharagpur-Houston chapter cordially invites you and your family to the annual spring picnic. Annual rite of spring is here. We plan on a day of high-tempo activities, gentle relaxation & great food.

  • What: Annual Spring Picnic, Houston, TX.
  • Where: Cullen Park, Pavilion, 18203 Groeschke Rd Houston, Texas 77084.
  • When: Sunday, April 27, 2008, from 11:45 am to 3:30 pm.
  • How Much : $15 per individual, $25 per family of 4.

Please order your tickets here . For more information, please contact - Hemant Jha .

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PAN-IIT is organizing a golf tournament on April 9th 2008 at Jaypee Greens at Greater Noida. The Tournament will be in Stableford format. There is a running trophy for best IIT (team), best golfer overall (best gross score), other prizes will be for best individual score (net) in three categories i.e. handicap 0-9, 10-18, 19-24. Maximum handicap will be 24. Entry fee will be Rs 500/- per golfer.

  • What: Golf Tournament .
  • Where: Jaypee Greens at Greater Noida.
  • When: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 2 pm and Dinner/Cocktails at 7:30 pm.
  • How Much : Rs. 500/- per Golfer.
  • Eligibility :Anyone who has a degree from one of the IITs can participate. You must have a valid golf handicap from your home course. Team score will comprise the best 3 scores from each IIT calculated on 2/3rd Handicap.

There are only 84 slots available ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. For more information, please contact - Ashok Singh - SMS: 9899092707. TEL: 011-43596090 - contact Laxmi Kardam.

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Texas Instruments and IIT-Kharagpur in Medical Tech Pact

Texas Instruments (TI), the global information technology company, has signed a four-year collaborative agreement with the School of Medical Science and Technology of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP), to develop semiconductor technologies that will help improve the quality, comfort and accessibility of healthcare in India.. Read the complete article at Business Standard .

This is TI’s first partnership with an IIT on research projects devoted to medical electronics innovation. The project is a part of TI’s recent announcement to spend $15 million towards funding research work in the field of medical technology.

According to Ajoy Kumar Ray, head of school of medical science and technology at IIT-KGP, “In India alone, about 800,000 patients undergo coronary bypass surgery every year, while one in every 12 women develops breast cancer. Also, oral leukoplakia and oral sub-mucous fibrosis have been widely prevalent in India and are a cause of concern to scientists in the country. The TI-IT KGP technology partnership will enable devices that could help address some of these pressing healthcare issues.”

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The KGPite behind India’s biggest automotive deal

In less than a day, Ravi Kant (63), the managing director of Tata Motors, will be known as the man who sealed India’s claim on the iconic British brands — Land Rover and Jaguar. Read the complete article at Hindustan Times .

When the reticent IIT-Kharagpur alumnus joined Tata Motors nine years ago as executive director, few would have predicted that one day he would become instrumental in clinching the biggest automobile acquisition by an Indian company.

At the time of going to press, Kant, the man Ratan Tata trusted to win the ownership of these auto jewels, is leading the final leg of negotiations that has lasted for almost eight months. “It’s almost done; the deal value is around $2.6 billion (Rs 11,000 crore),” said a senior Tata executive who is part of the negotiating team currently in London.

Despite repeated attempts, Kant was unavailable for comments. “I cannot disclose details connected with the deal,” Debasis Ray Tata Motors spokesperson told the Hindustan Times.

The Tatas have been negotiating terms and conditions of 18 agreements, not usually part of buyouts. It is Kant’s experience in global acquisitions that has proved handy. In 2004, Kant brought Tata Motors to the global platform by acquiring the ailing Daewoo Commercial Vehicles.

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