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Making ceramics out of egg white - The story of five entrepreneurial KGPians

Four years ago-in our final year at IIT, believing ourselves to be free thinkers, brought up in an open IIT culture, deeply transformed by our work in poverty ridden villages around IIT and with our passion for science and technology, we were a inspired lot. Not ready for lucrative job offers, offers of studying abroad, entry through front gates of IIMs. We opted for seeing a dream and with sublime self-belief said, we want freedom of thought, we want to practice free science, we want equal opportunities for all, we want the pride of living in a developed India. We believed that the time has come to seed the culture of innovation along the likes of corporations such as Corning, 3M, GE, Toyota, Kyocera and similar. Companies such as these have not only generated value for themselves but for the society and nation as a whole and have positively impacted lives of each and every citizen.

That is how the story of ANTS began.

Read the story unfold in Friday’s (13th June) national edition of The Economic Times.

Ashwini Kumar Jain (2005 GG NH).

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Arun Sarin To Step Down As Vodafone CEO

Reports indicate that Arun Sarin, KGP Alumni and CEO of Vodafone will soon step down. Read the complete article at mocoNews. Here are some excerpts:

Arun Sarin, who defined Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) as the big global telecom conglomerate in his five years as CEO, is going to step down in July and will be replaced by Vittorio Colao, who is presently Sarin’s number two and has responsibility for the company’s European operations, reports Telegraph. The exact timing of Sarin’s departure, along with record headline full-year profits of about $25.8 billion (£13 billion) will be announced on Tuesday, the story said.

The timing of his departure comes as a surprise, if only because he was almost ousted two years ago in a board battle, but has since managed to steady the ship, with his focus on building Vodafone’s presence in emerging markets, including India.

In Vodafone’s Tuesday-morning earnings meeting, Sarin said: “I’ve done what I came here to do. The time is right and the time is now.” He said he looked forward to seeing the gathered analysts again “in the next couple of years” as his tenure comes to an end, suggesting it may be a slow step-down.

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An Evening by the Bay - Bay Area Alumni Event

I am pleased to announce that registration for the first Alumni Event of the year – An Evening by the Bay - is now open. The program will take you back to IIT Kharagpur Spring Festival days through a variety entertainment program featuring local talent (Alums + Spouses + Kids and Professional artists).

  • What: An Evening by the Bay.
  • Where: Center for the performing Arts; 500 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041.
  • When: Saturday, June 21, 2006, 5:00 PM.

Previous show was a full house and this year the event is shaping up to be even more spectacular. We expect that the tickets for this event will be selling out fast. So, please register early and participate in this wonderful evening of entertainment, networking and nostalgia, show your support for the performers and keep the KGP spirit alive in the Bay Area.

Dinner at one of the downtown Castro Street restaurants and Appreciation Awards will follow the performance.

For event registration and program detail, visit us at www.iitkgpsv.org. Online registration closes on June 16, or when it reaches the seating capacity.

Best Regards
Joy Bhattacharya
President, IIT Foundation and IIT Foundation Bay Area Chapter www.iitkgpsv.org.

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