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Announcing Concipio - The Business Idea Competition, E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur

Concipio is the Annual Business Plan competition organised by the
Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur. The competition promises to
bring about a fruitful transition in the regular placement culture of
the institute with the introduction of Entrepreneurial avenues to the
students.The competition is aimed to transform the raw ideas that are
born in the institute into full fledged business models. Concipio will
provide the teams with the following resources crucial to successful

Assistance in converting your ideas into an actual B-Plan.
Funding for the enterprise through TIETS (Technology Incubation &
Entrepreneurial Training Society), started under the aegis of SRIC.
Finding consortiums to link up your products or service with.
Networks of world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners.
Mentorship by successful and seasoned professionals which include
successful industrialist and alumni of IIT Kharagpur.

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PAN IIT SoCal “Diwali Dhoom 2009″ on 7th November

Register for the PAN IIT SoCal “Diwali Dhoom 2009″ on 7th November here

Date: Saturday, 7th Nov 2009
Time: 7pm - midnight
Location: Shehnai Cuisine of India - Brea
705 E Birch St. #B
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: 714-990-8989


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Transcript of the keynote from the 55th IIT Kharagpur Convocation


Speech by R. “Gopal” Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director, TATA Sons Ltd at the 55th IIT Kharagpur Convocation on 8th August, 2009. Mr Gopalakrishnan is a 1967 RK ECE.

It is all of 45 years since I first stepped into Radhakrishnan hall at IIT Kharagpur as a student. Since then I have visited on and off. But today’s visit is special. Thank you, Mr Chairman and Mr Director, for giving me the honor and pleasure of delivering the 55th convocation address.Perhaps the only person who was at IIT when I joined and is present in the hall today is Prof Gitindra Saran Sanyal, my guru and my professor. As a devoted shishya then, now and forever, I first pay tribute to this iconic adivasi who has been in IIT since 1954. I doubt that anybody can match his record of attending all the 55 convocations.

Some ten years ago, I agreed to Prof Sanyal’s request to teach at the Vinod Gupta School of Management. He said, “Do not agree lightly and then forget about it. In our tradition, a promise given to a guru must be fulfilled—and remember, I am into my 70s!” As a diligent shishya, I took a few days’ leave from my office to discharge my promise. Professor Sanyal amazed me by sitting on the front bench and attending all my lectures. “Just reciprocating what you did forty years ago,” he said with a twinkle. His most enduring contribution has been his child-like warmth for the students, and the ability to connect with them even after so many years. I would even venture to suggest that he has achieved more through his connectivity with generations of students than through his well-acknowledged pedagogy and research here.I mention these facts not only to sing paeans for my old teacher but also importantly, to emphasize the enduring importance of relationships. Our life is like a train journey; each one of us steps into the train alone and will step off alone. Each one has a different journey experience and interacts with different people, with some more intimately than others.

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