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IIT Kharagpur Diamond Jubilee, 2011

Dear KGP- ians,

On August 18 2011, our alma mater, IIT Kharagpur will celebrate its 60th anniversary, and kick-start a year long ‘Diamond Jubilee’ celebration.

Many alums have asked the question: how can we contribute to making this once in a lifetime event a grand success?. In response, Prof. Damodar Acharya (Director) and Prof. Amit Patra (Dean, Alumni Affairs) visited alumni across the USA and shared the strategic vision and plans for expansion of IIT Kharagpur with over 200 of us. They asked us to “make a difference” by contributing our money, our contacts/connections, and our time, so that results of our efforts are visible by 2011/2012. More specifically, they asked us to:

  1. Support various Diamond Jubilee Programs curently being planned. ($5M)
    • Publications (0.5 M$); Mementos (0.1 M$); Light & Sound (0.2 M$); Lecture Series (0.12 M$); Old Building Complex (4 M$)
  2. Help attract and retain teaching resources at IIT KGP ($100,000 endowment per chair)
    • Build an endowment to create Chair Professorships in memory of revered professors. ($100,000 per endowment)
    • Deliver short lecture courses / mentor students.
    • Join as Faculty and/or help in locating one.
  3. Financially contribute to build/upgrade infrastructure ( $117 M) .
    • International Medical Center ($100 Million)
    • Convention Hall and Students’ Activity Center ($10 Million)
    • Alumni and Visiting Faculty Home-Away from Home ($5 Million)
    • Renovate the Open Air Theater ($2 Million).

I realize that this request is much larger than what our community has supported in the past, however challenges are what KGP-ians excel at, so I ask all alums to come together to :

  • Personally contribute a minimum of $11 Million by 2011. ($2M in 2009, $4M in 2010, $5M in 2011). This can be achieved easily if all North American alums registered at IIT Foundation contribute just $2.00 per day and can be exceeded if you get your employer to make a matching contribution.
  • Use your connections in industry, government, academia, etc. to close the funding gap, for infrastructure projects — especially for the creation of a $100M Medical Center, that will benefit the entire IIT Kharagpur campus community.

Please make your contributions immediately at http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate and maximize your US tax benefit for 2009. All contributions to the IIT Foundation are tax-deductible for U.S. federal taxpayers.

On behalf of IIT Foundation, I would like to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season.

Best Wishes

Roy daSilva, (1974 RK EE)
President IIT Foundation

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Kgpian develops models to predict the efficacy of stents implanted in patients suffering from heart attacks

Vijaya B. Kolachalama (2002 AE PH), a Postdoctoral Associate at the Edelman laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an ORISE fellow at the US Food and Drug Administration developed state-of-the-art computer models to predict physiologically realistic drug delivery patterns from stents - metal mesh tubes that open clogged arteries.

Specialized stents that release drugs are now widely used all over the world for the treatment of obstructive arterial disease (that causes heart attacks) and yet several important questions remain unanswered. Annually, over a million patients undergo stent treatment and the associated costs are in billions of dollars. The success of these devices is unprecedented but unfortunately, recent clinical reports suggested that some patients with these stents developed blood clots that cause sudden death. Stent use is however only increasing with time and therefore, the scientific, clinical as well as regulatory communities realize an urgent need to develop more efficient devices for clinical use that could have fewer side effects as well as to expedite the evaluation of new prototype designs using emerging technologies such as computer modeling.
Techniques developed by Vijaya can be used by device manufacturers at the pre-clinical trial stage to confirm desired activity of a prototype stent within a reasonable time frame and cost. Also, device companies interested in developing new stent designs, modifying their existing device can readily use this approach to test their ideas even before performing any clinical or animal trial.

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Letter from Prabha Sinha

Prabha Sinha
Dear Friends,

We all have wondered at some point or other, “Why give back to IIT Kharagpur?” or perhaps, “How to give back to IIT Kharagpur?” I would like to share my recent experiences that affirmed the value of alumni funding in strengthening our alma mater and that led me to commit $2 million to set up a Center for BioEnergy IIT Kharagpur.

I believe that this funding will spur innovation and entrepreneurship amongst faculty and students, draw world-class researchers to join as faculty, win more research grants, attract talented B.Tech students to pursue PhD at IIT Kharagpur, and make a significant tangible impact in alternative energy, climate change and rural development in India.

As you consider making your annual year-end donations, I am writing to urge you to make a contribution at a level that is comfortable to you. I would like you to consider giving to the IIT Kharagpur - UC Berkeley collaboration.

It is this collaboration that catalyzed a series of discussions and meetings that led to my gift to IIT Kharagpur. I believe that your gift will make a difference in a collaboration that is already making an impact, all in the past two years (see note below)

As you may know, UC Berkeley is a premier world-class research university with unmatched breadth and depth of expertise. I am convinced that IIT Kharagpur will benefit from a stronger collaboration with UC Berkeley. And your gift will enable student summer research programs, faculty visits and graduate fellowships. [To give now please visit http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate ]

I appreciate your consideration. Seasons greetings!


Prabha Kant Sinha
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, ZS Associates
1970 ME PH

Note: Some of the highlights of the UC Berkeley – IIT Kharagpur collaboration:

  • Over 25 IIT Kharagpur B.Tech students have benefited from 8-weeks summer research at UC Berkeley. They have had transformative experiences working with world-class researchers in strategic areas such as alternative energy and healthcare. I wish I had such an opportunity while at IIT Kharagpur!
  • Seven IIT faculty members have visited UC Berkeley and have benefited from an exchange of ideas with over 25 UC Berkeley faculty members and researchers.
  • Seven UC Berkeley/Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) faculty are visiting IIT Kharagpur in January 2010 for a joint research symposium.
  • Arjun Malhotra (1970 ECE RP), a batch-mate and friend, has joined the external advisory board of the Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases at UC Berkeley.
  • Chris Somerville, Director, EBI has joined the external advisory board for the Centre for BioEnergy at IIT Kharagpur.

For more information on the UC Berkeley — IIT Kharagpur collaboration, please visit:
or contact Shail Kumar (1987 ME RK), Past-President, IIT Foundation and currently Senior Director at UC Berkeley.

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