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Harish Hande (1990 EY NH) Wins 2011 Magsaysay Award

Harish Hande (1990 EY NH) wins the 2011 Magsaysay Award for his work on solar technology. As reported by the Economic Times:

Harish Hande was recognized for “his passionate and pragmatic efforts to putsolar power technology in the hands of the poor, through a social enterprise that brings customized, affordable, and sustainable electricity to India’s vast rural populace, encouraging the poor to become asset creators”

Harish Hande is the Managing Director of SELCO India.

Magsaysay website: http://www.rmaf.org.ph

Earlier News: Harish Hande, KGPian, is Social Entrepreneur of the Year

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Professor G S Sanyal Award for Lifetime Service to IIT Kharagpur by a faculty member

IIT Foundation has established a fund to create a new award — “Professor G S Sanyal Award for Lifetime Service to IIT Kharagpur by a faculty member” — to motivate faculty to be the very best, and simultaneously memorialize Prof. G S Sanyal, the great old man of IIT Kharagpur, whose life’s work remains forever, a “blue print” for all faculty to follow in thier pursuit of excellence.

The award shall be given by IIT Foundation and shall consist of a Trophy, Certificate and Cash prize, to be presented to a faculty member of IIT Kharagpur for lifetime devotion to Teaching, Student Mentorship and Alumni engagement.

The cash prize shall be based on the interest accrued on alumni funds placed in a fixed deposit created for this purpose.

You are requested to donate generously to establish this fund by August 15th 2011, so that we can estimate the cash prize to be given on Founders Day 2012 when the first award shall be made.

Your donations by August 15th will allow us to announce the award on August 22 2011 the day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations .

Please donate genorously by visiting http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate .

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End of an Era: Prof. G S Sanyal Passes Away

Prof. G S Sanyal, former Director of IIT Kharagpur, a revered professor, a world-renowned researcher in electronics and communication, passed away in his sleep today, July 7th. He was 89 years old.

The IIT family will surely miss a remarkable human being, who cared for his students as a father-figure, imbibed in them the urge to learn and discover, who took their transgressions as an opportunity to improve. He cared deeply about the faculty and the staff – he connected at a human level, where he genuinely looked for ways to work together and improve the institute. Till his last day, he remained at the institute, which he nurtured, for which he set high goals. He looked at teaching as a means to improve the students he oversaw – making them not only great engineers but in the end, good human beings, who can share his ideal of contributing towards the society.

In the words of Henry Adams “A teacher affects eternity he can never tell, where his influence stops.”, Prof. Sanyal’s influence on the vast number of human beings he touched never did stop.
Our heart-felt condolence goes out to his family.

May his soul rest in peace.

We encourage you to participate at one of the following forums and reminisce about Prof. Sanyal:

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