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Dr Partha Pratim Chakrabarti (PPC) is the new Director of IIT Kharagpur

Dear KGP ians

It is official, Dr Partha Prathim Chakrabarti ( PPC) is Director of IIT Kharagpur. On Saturday, July 27 2013, Mr. Shiv Nader, Chairman, Board of Governors, announced his appointment after having received clearance from the MHRD.

We congratulate him, wish him the very best and assure him of our continued support as he takes on the challenge of taking IIT Kharagpur our beloved alma mater, from being India’s best, to being among the World’s best education Institute by 2020; a lofty goal set by IIT Kharagpur’s, Board of Governor approved strategic plan , “Vision 2020″.

Dr Partha Prathim Chakrabarti’s illustrious career resulted in his selection to be Director,IIT Kharagpur, by a MHRD appointed committee, however there were delays in his appointment because of allegations made by the Central Vigilance Committee relating to a Coal India Limited project that was awarded to SRIC prior to his appointment as Dean SRIC. He was cleared of these baseless charges by the Board of Governors, twice, and the teachers, alums and students waited patiently for his appointment for a year, because on numerous assurances that the appointment process was in progress.

This abnormal delay frustrated the teachers, alums and students, and when requests to meet face to face, to resolve any issues standing in the way of the appointment, did not even receive the courtesy of a response, The Teachers Association went on a peaceful demonstration-cum-hunger-strike in Kharagpur to sensitize the Government of India to the urgency of this appointment, and underscore the damage to the reputation of IIT Kharagpur and demoralization of its constituents because of this delay. They were joined in a show of solidarity by additional demonstrations by the IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association in India who protested in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkatta in spite of heavy rains. Alums in the USA also joined in support of PPC and were instrumental in planning the strategy and actions, petitioning the highest authorities, and using their personal connections to expedite the appointment

I would like to place on record, our appreciation for all the members at the Ministry of Human Resource Development who selected and supported PPC through this process, the Board of Governors, Officiating Director Professor Som, the invaluable contribution of all the KGP-ian’s (teachers, students, alumni) and the Media, who came together at very short notice to support a just cause and realize this historic appointment.

The spirit of IIT Kharagpur lives on, the bonds that we develop while at the institute are there forever. Let us celebrate, extend our support to PPC and make IIT Kharagpur the best .

KGP ka tempo high hai!


Roy da Silva, President IIT Foundation

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