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Learn-Earn-Return Scheme for Students: Request for Contribution

Learn-Earn-Return Scheme for Students: Request for Contribution

Dear KGP-ians,

I have always been extremely proud of an IIT practice wherein “No student would be denied a world class IIT Kharagpur education because of lack of financial resources”. However, times have changed; rising costs, reduced government funding and market factors have made it more difficult to graduate from IIT debt free and as a result many students take up jobs instead of considering careers in higher education, research and entrepreneurship, key ingredients for the India of tomorrow.

Please see the Director’s message that describes the “Learn-Earn-Return” scheme:
https://iitkgp.org/content/%E2%80%98learn-earn-and-return-scheme%E2%80%99-students-request-contribution-0 that attempts to addresses this problem.

I believe that with over 60,000 KGP alumni gainfully employed, a contribution of $200 (or more) by each alum can generate a
significant corpus that will enable students make the right career choices for themselves and India and ensure that IIT KGP maintains
that noble tradition of offering a world class education to the best irrespective of socio economic means.

I urge you to donate now at: http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate (for Alumni based in USA or Canada)
or at https://iitkgp.org/content/learn-earn-return (for Alumni based in India or elsewhere) to support this worthy cause.

Thank you so much

Warm Regards

Roy daSilva
IIT Foundation

Posted by: Roy Dasilva @ Jul 30, 2016, 5:13 pm PDT    Filed under: Fund-raising, Alumni    

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