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Proposed 49.5% reservation at IITs for backward classes

Proposed 49.5% reservation at IITs for backward classes

The HRD Ministry in India, led by Minister Arjun Singh, is proposing to impose a 49.5% reservation for backward classes at IITs and IIMs. This is a significant increase from the current 22.5% reservation policy.

Interestingly, but perhaps not coincidentally, this anouncement by the HRD Ministry comes just before elections are on in five states.

Here is an assortment of media reports on this issue:

49.5% seats reserve in IITs, IIMs for SCs, STs from Siliconindia.com:

Thursday, April 06, 2006

NEW DELHI: The Center today reserved 49.5 percent of the total seats in IITs, IIMs and Central Universities for OBCs, SCs and STs.

Now, beneficiaries say no to quota, from IBNLive.com:

Mumbai: The government says its proposal to increase reservations for the economically backward classes from 22 to 49.5 per cent will benefit the students. But the beneficiaries of the quota system themselves have reservations about the move.

Students at IIT-Powai, who have availed of these seats under quota, feel that such a move will lower the standard of education.

Health Ministry writes to HRD in favour of OBC reservation, from The Hindu:

New Delhi, April. 8 (PTI): As the row over reservation hots up, Union Health Ministry has favoured the proposal of 27 per cent quota for students of other backward classes in medical educational institutes under it.

The Health Ministry has written to the Human Resources Development Ministry which had sought its views on the proposal, officials said.

Op-ed by Prof. P V Indirasen, former Director, IIT Madras:

The move by the group of ministers to impose 49.5% reservation in IITs and IIMs is sad news as much for the backward castes as it is for the institutions concerned.

Quotas a retrograde step, feels India Inc:

MUMBAI: Corporate captains have come down hard on the government’s decision to reserve 49.5% reservation in IITs and IIMs, calling the move a retrograde step, which could erode the culture of meritocracy at IITs and IIMs.

What you can do

Join an online debate at rediff.com:

Do you think IITs and IIMs should have 49.5% reservation? Will this help the backward classes prosper? Or will this lead to more controversy?

Most active online petitions:

Other petitions (on both sides of the issue), in alphabetical order:

And, last but not the least, here is the contact information for Hon’ Arjun Singh, HRD Minister of India, in case you would like to have your opinion be known:

Arjun Singh
Minister for Human Resource Development
Email: hrm@nic.in
Phone: +91-11-23782698,   +91-11-23782387
Fax: +91-11-23382365 ,   +91-11-23711772

Updated April 18 2006: Added online petition links. Also added contact information for Arjun Singh

Posted by: Joyjit Nath @ Apr 11, 2006, 11:02 am PDT    Filed under: Media    


  1. The illiterate and narrow minded politicians who are forcing caste-based selection procedure should be now displaced with the educated and capable people. Even 22.5% reservation as prevailing should be removed cause I had several batchmates from so-called backward sections who could crack JEE even without using their quota benefits. They were genius! And did not require any such political mileage offered by casteists!!

    Comment by Arvind Nigam — April 14, 2006 @ 5:02 am PDT

  2. The IIT JEE is one of the key ingredients in the formula for IIT’s global success. Admisions have been and should continue to be based on merrit.

    Seats should be increased to reflect the growing population , so that the level of difficulty does not increase to a point of becoming ridiculously hard and exclude a large number of tax payers children.

    On the social side, the Govt should invest in training of SC/ST to make the group competitive.This will help them not only in getting into IIT but getting prepared for life. At the end of the training an SC/ST student who attend IIT Prep Course, recieves a special diploma. The Diploma will show 2 ranks, 1)All India IIT Entrance Rank, 2)ALL IIT Entrance Rank amongst SC/ST applicants. This special diploma, recognizes leaders in thier groups. The SC/ST individual will then really be motivated to perform, and will help employers select the Cream of the SC/ST/OBC community.

    Roy daSilva

    Comment by Roy Dasilva — April 18, 2006 @ 10:17 am PDT

  3. I would like to know the contact information for Prime Minister of India, the President, Sonia Gandhi (Leader of Congress) and Sri Advani (Leader of BJP). We need to appeal to these other people as Sri Arjun Singh Ji has already made up his mind.

    Regarding what IIT Foundation should do. We should demand that the views of the alumni be solicited and taken into account. If the mission and structure of the IITs were to change substantially, it would weaken the bonds with the alumni community. I would be doing more for my American Alma Mater than IITs- after all, they don’t even discriminate against or in favor of a nationality and here we are fighting over castes.

    The time to act is *now*- and Fax and snail mail are the only media that we can be confident that these people will have regular access to. Does anyone have the contact information (especially FAX and snail mail) for the President, Sonia Gandhi and L.K. Advani?

    Comment by Anshu Sharma — April 18, 2006 @ 11:21 am PDT

  4. I think that most alumni feel strongly against this move - so as the alumni organization, will the IIT Foundation take a stance against this development - refuse to provide any more funds to IITs/IIMs until the quote system is repealed?

    Comment by Uday Deshpande — April 18, 2006 @ 12:02 pm PDT

  5. Admissions to premier institutions must be fair. It is hightime to get rid of the 400/500/600 roll numbers (special and direct admissions).

    Comment by Venkatraman Raghavan — April 18, 2006 @ 4:12 pm PDT

  6. I strongly don’t want any more reservations in any of the sector

    Comment by Krishna Reddy — April 18, 2006 @ 7:36 pm PDT

  7. All the name and brand that IIT has garnered in the last decade is based on the exceptional quality of syudents the IIT system has produced and the work done by them in various fields of interest. The IIT system includes the toughest enterance screening processes to gain such students. Reservation will majorly effect this very important factor of success that IITs enjoy today. The future of IITs that seems to be so bright and strong may simply go for a toss if we allow such reservation policies. When so much is at stake, we cannot allow MHRD to play with our destiny.

    Comment by Sidhartha Sinha — April 18, 2006 @ 8:18 pm PDT

  8. If the goverment is so concerned about SC/ST and OBC about their education as it should be then why is primary level education system so poor in villages in India. Why is education so expensive in the IIT’s now they say only to maintain standard of IIT’s. It seems then why expenses were cheap the standard was not high.Question is if education is to be meted at low expenses in education should be low in a poor country like India. This way the poor will come up thru proper channel in the system we were.
    Even IIT Foundation can take steps to provide better primary education in poorer places. At the level of IIT where it is so difficult to get through as a general student I only found it difficult to learn lessons. Sometimes the course work is too huge sometimes new concepts are difficult to grasp new concepts and the time span of a semister is small for that. I doubt in the present system reserved students will face the problem i faced more acutely. And most of those students will not be able to compete in the outside world.

    Comment by Deba Pal — April 18, 2006 @ 8:19 pm PDT

  9. Dear Friends

    It is extremely difficult to see such a degradation of quota system. Initially it was meant to bring in the reserved castes in to the main stream but 50+ years of independance and this best can be removed but not increased.

    Incase the minister is such a big heart (we too have a big heart)for the reserved castes let him by a law bring in institutions of good calibre with 100 percent reservation for them so that in the eyes of international audience the Prime institutes image is not tarnished.

    Remember IIT KGP is ranked 4th in the world next to three leading US universities namely Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

    Thru this note I would like to gather momentum to create Separate Reserved institutes for the Reserved Classses which could be public and private funded like a tax holiday etc… Schemes… It will justice done to the reserved classes and also to avoid touching of the prestegious institutes…

    Every state can have one such Institute for the reserved classes…

    Jai hind, Jai IIT KGP, Jai IITs, Jai IIM, Jai prestigious colleges which will be the next in line for reservation…

    Comment by Shiva — April 18, 2006 @ 8:27 pm PDT

  10. Why dont goverment increase the level of primary education in India. Why target the premier institutions. I have found IIT course work huge and difficult in one semister to cover. I think in the present system students will enter who are of lower calibre than our time and will face same problem I faced more acutely. I also doubt they will be able compete in the outside world. IIT Foundation can let our voices be heard if they can—
    Invest in the primary education sector. Being a non profit organisation and respected organisation fund raising will be easier though difficult. But we can give to the poor in this country.
    Bear the Expenses of the poorer who are admitted to IIT.

    Comment by Deba Pal — April 18, 2006 @ 8:52 pm PDT


    Comment by BHOOPATHI RAPOLU — April 18, 2006 @ 8:59 pm PDT

  12. Resevation for SC, ST and OBC was created to uplift the poor people. But now criminal-turned politicians are the law makers. They want to please the already uplifted and effluent people for their vote banks. There should not be any concession for merits. The present reservation system should be entirely abolished. We should help people from the poor community by providing them free education. They should be trained separately and then tested with all others. If they can qualify, they can be admitted in various institutes according to their merit.

    Comment by Ganga Karmakar — April 18, 2006 @ 9:01 pm PDT

  13. People like Arjun Singh, Pranab Mukherjee are curse to progress of India.

    Comment by Prasanta Behera — April 18, 2006 @ 9:05 pm PDT

  14. So Mr. Arjun Singh has decided to do mass production of maruti800 on Mercs production line. It will have devastating effect on indian economy as well as on society. The respect for the excellence will lost. India should not encourage mediocracy as this will lead to the failure of indian economy.
    IT industry is growing because of good talent in this country.

    And why IIT and IIM? In any education institute or organisation, there should be no reservation. They should have an open comptetion. And people from weaker section (not necesarily SC/ST/OBC only) should be provided with the proper educational facility.

    Comment by Avay Kumar — April 18, 2006 @ 9:52 pm PDT

  15. India today is at a turning point in history. We are galloping towards a dream, of becoming an advanced and economically developed society in the world

    Therefor,we IITans are pained at the way the political etablishment, at this critical juncture is out to introduce reservation in the IITs and other institutions of higher learning,in the name of affirmative action.
    We have today in our country a mature knowledge society which has ben recognized internationally. The contribution in this regard from our institutes of higher learning is immense.
    It is indeed an irony that the foundations for these very institutions have been laid by our responsible forefathers,and visionary leaders like Late Jawaharlal Nehru.They created temples of learning, and now the present breed of corrupt self interested politicians are out to destroy these very temples.
    The whole system of resrvations over merit in the IIT education has touched the hearts of people of India,educators,and policy makers in the ever widening canvas of our society since the principle of reservation over merit is desecrating.
    Therefore, I fervently appeal to honourable Prime Minister and the HRD minister to reconsider the issue of reservation over merit and save our country from any degradation at this turning point of history.
    I request that they should sincerely examine the affirmative action model followed in US society with respect to minorities and the way the best educational institutions, especially the ones in the Ivy league follow their commitment towards the program for afirmative action, at the same time, assuring that merit is not ignored.

    Comment by Himadri Banerji — April 18, 2006 @ 9:57 pm PDT

  16. There should not be a reservation on caste basis. Our politics is divided on caste basis and roots are very strong. Belive me, it is more then party politics. I have seen caste based politics playing strong then party politics. Any initiative to reduce caste based politics will help in such situations.

    Comment by Udai Solanki — April 18, 2006 @ 10:13 pm PDT

  17. I do agree that backward class should be encouraged in getting education….so let us deal issue from the beginning..government can give free primary and secondary education to the needy of this class and for that matter needy of any class..(bear the cost through a cess)..higher education is a separate ball game..here merit should be the only criteria..as a matter of fact government should make a policy where even after paying money any low performing student can not go for higher study,instead they should be trained in some skill…but no reservation please..

    Comment by s n roy — April 18, 2006 @ 11:30 pm PDT

  18. We are smart enough to make a good indigenous solution far far better than reservations in higher education. A national debate is needed. Who is this Arjun Singh who thinks he knows it all!!

    No doubt something is needed to be done in terms of affirmative action urgently. In this respect there are no short cuts. Provide and improve primary and secondary education and give equal opportunity at the entry level to the economically disadvantaged. Intelligence is normally distributed in the population and being poor does not mean one is not intelligent. However, it has to be nurtured during the early period in schools. If we cannot improve the primary/secondary education quality and access for economically disadvantaged no amount of tinkering with higher education will be even a palliative. Country and economy must run on merit if India has to find a bigger role in the comity of nations.

    Comment by Ashok Singh — April 19, 2006 @ 12:05 am PDT

  19. To Whom It May Concern:
    Why not increase the quota to 100% till the ‘BACKWARD’ moves forward and the ‘FORWARDS’ moves backward and come to the same level.Any quota system is ridiculous within itself.

    What should be done?

    –Do away withg the quota system.
    –Provide aditional facilities to the concerned class right from Primary Education stage to the point they compete for IITs or IIMs.

    Comment by RATAN KUMAR JAIN — April 19, 2006 @ 3:28 am PDT

  20. There should not be any caste based reservation in IITs and IIMs. We must not allow politicians to mess up these great institutions for their short term personal and political gains. I am also geniunely concerned about poor, social and ecnomic backward strata of the society. If these politicians are also really concerned, let them support children from these categories right from pre-school level. Let them open more specialized schools / pre-schools at every nuke and corner of the country specifically for children of these societies and let there be free education and generous stipend for all such needy children. Give them all support, encouragement and means to appear for competitive exam like any other normal student and rest my case here. I REQUEST IIT FOUNDATION TO TAKE UP THIS CASE FOR KEEPING IITs LIVE AND FOREVER STRONG.

    Comment by Malli — April 19, 2006 @ 7:01 am PDT

  21. Caste system that was practised in India for two millenia is deplorable. It still continues to make impact on lives of people. There are Ranvir Senas and CPI(ML)s in today’s India. There are truly disadvantaged people who need a helping hand from the government and need reservations to realize their dreams.

    This will work under only some circumstances. People availing these reservations should be really deserving them, meaning they are poor and are socially opressed. The percentage of reserved seats should be small when compared to the overall seats available, so that the overall quality of the class is not compromised.

    In today’s India, neither is the case and it is a sad state. Reservations are contributing to deepening the caste divide instead of closing it, because it is so unjustified.

    I have met honest people who have availed reservations at IIT - people who really deserved them. When they went for further studies after BTech, they refused to use their reservation quota because they were not so underpriviliged anymore. Sadly this is not a wider practice. I have seen a Diplomat’s daughter use quota to get into college just because she could. Their family keeps distance from their not-so-rich “backward” relatives (which is what caste system was in the first place).

    This is the state of affairs in general. We should make recommendations to the government accordingly. Yea - the 50% reservation proposal in IITs or elsewhere is ridiculous.

    Comment by Sarath — April 19, 2006 @ 3:09 pm PDT

  22. Social equality is understandable. Caste system of Hinduism is a social evil. To differentiate people on the name of caste for any reason is promoting the evil. It will widen the social gap. This gap is being narrowed in natural way by sports world, entertainment world, love marriage, and many such long lasting social changes. No one cares who is cooking your food any more, no one cares about who is serving the tea in the trains any more.

    If the politicians have to bring social equality then they should reward couples doing inter caste marriage. Provide job opportunities, promotions to such brave people.

    Equality of opportunity is understandable. Equality of opportunity means provide a level playing field. Provide basic primary education to all. Bring equality of the facilities in schools in rural area and urban areas. Improve standards of public schools so that they could compete with private schools.

    If some of the extremist feel that we have to give some head start to the poor OBCs, SCs and STs I would agree to some extent. The head start should be given in Navoday Vidyalay NOT in IITs and IIMs.

    India has caste system which I think is a lesser evil than slavery. Let us learn from the nations that had slavery and have narrowed the gap more rapidly than we have done.

    Liberalization has brought lots of progress. Open and liberal structure provides better opportunities for progress. Now some of the politicians are trying to put some constraints by way of reservations, for their short term political gain but long term loss to the nation.

    If reservations in IITs and IIM and such trends continue, more and more capable people will look for opportunities outside India, and it will increase brain drain.

    Comment by Sankat Haran — April 19, 2006 @ 9:10 pm PDT

  23. I agree with all above and especially Ratan Kumar Jain — He says my heart.

    Comment by Deba Pal — April 19, 2006 @ 10:41 pm PDT

  24. Beatiful Quote from Rediff site by some guy called “yogmaya”

    “cool!! thats exactly the way it should be and to add to your comment i’d say…why IIT,IIM…it should be …SC/ST/OBC institute of technology and SC/ST/OBC institute of management. “

    Comment by Deba Pal — April 19, 2006 @ 10:48 pm PDT

  25. When India got its independence and the differentiation between the backward and forward was very evident, the corrective action thought of was to introduce caste based reservation in the educational institutes and employments, for a limited period. This needed review for its effectiveness and accordingly acted upon. Our great politicians never bothered about the effectiveness of this action and they kept on extending and expanding the reservation system.

    However, I think it is only logical to realize at this point that if this system did not produce required results over 50+ years of implementation, it is guaranteed that it cannot produce those results because it is not the right mechanism.

    Comparing with a similar situation in the USA when Mr. Abraham Lincoln was the president and there was a debate about providing reservations to the blacks in America, it’s the blacks who opposed it and the result - it is the most powerful country in the world as on date and the blacks there are of course equally respected as others. Why not we learn this lesson from the history and do away with reservation system in this country - BETTER LATE THAN NEVER?

    Comment by Vasudeva Sharma — April 20, 2006 @ 3:22 am PDT

  26. Equality of opportunity to under privileged is required. Give them a head start at the starting line NOT at the finishing line.

    Do not abuse Ma Srashwati for political gain. Win a war by promoting right value system, Do NOT win a battle by dividing people of India.

    Comment by Sankat Haran — April 20, 2006 @ 6:09 pm PDT

  27. Do we need Reservation in INDIAN CRICKET TEAM also ???

    In case we have reservation in Indian Cricket team Our chances to WIN will reduce about ten times with each meritorious member not selected .

    Selection based on merit is the best for a New Vibrant DEVELOPED India…

    Government should try to make strategy to improve education systems in India and make all institutes like IITs, and IIMs and then we all will have great Future, even your kids, and generation will get the developed india. With reservation we can’t develop, nobody can, even reserved people remains underdeveloped.

    Comment by Mohan Jindal — April 20, 2006 @ 8:08 pm PDT

  28. I am excited that their is CALL FOR RESERVATIONS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS. We should lump the issues together. IIT-ians will never have the momentum or political strength to defeat reservations at IITs. But if the issue becomes larger- reservations in all higher education institutions and in private sector jobs- there will be outrage and we can win.

    As my Grad school advisor once said about research problems. If you can’t solve problem A- look for a subset that you can solve or look for a problem B that contains A and then solve B. How true!!!!

    Comment by Anshu Sharma — April 20, 2006 @ 9:08 pm PDT

  29. Affirmative action-yes;resrvations-no.
    Cral Friedrich Gauss was the son of an illiterate labourer and a domestic servant.He was a mathematical prodigy.His teachers saw his talent and organised special mathematical training at school.
    At the age of 15 he got a stipend from the Duke of Brunswick and joined college as a student; to stay on as a professor.He was arguably the greatest mathematician in the world during his lifetime.His published work is staggering in its impact on the modern thoeries of Mathematics.
    Our own Bhimrao Ambedkar was a man of not inconsiderable intellect.By his own accounts, he had to struggle against prejudice to obtain the education he desired.
    Both thes gentlemen would have been considerably offended had someone offered reservatiobns in their case ; it would imply they were inferior persons for reasons of birth.
    This is exactly what our politician friends imply to their preferred constituency:they are inferior; they cannot compete; ergo,reservations.
    I for one most emphatically deny that such is the case.
    We need schemes to recognise the meritorious among the underprivileged and bring them forward.Because merit is evenly distributed among people; opportunities are not.
    I for one am willing to pay a reasonable increase in taxes to provide scholarships to produce thousands of Ambedkars and Gausses in our midst.I have one condition: no politician should be allowed anywher near the adminstration of this scheme.They are adept at stealing your rights and mine, to make meaningless garndstanding announcements that divide the country and fetch them votes.They are completely irresponsible and totally amoral.

    Comment by Gautam Ganguli — April 22, 2006 @ 10:07 am PDT

  30. No, not at all. Lets keep the purity of excellence and importance of the credited students intact. There should be the same base for each and every student aspiring for these institutions rather than giving unnecessary advantage to mediocre people.
    This is merely the political gameplan of our Netas to fill their vote banks.

    There should be no reservations in IITs. As we should believe in the quality not in the quantity. To raise our economy there is a need in upliftment in such classes , however it should not be done in such way. Give them other upliftments like free or very nominal fees during studies in the institutes or other.

    some of the students from quotas really make me happy that they had similar thinking like me.

    Comment by Manan — April 22, 2006 @ 9:42 pm PDT

  31. In fact there is not a scarcity of talent in the reserved class. Only thing is that they are not properly groomed and given the opportunity to prove them selves. They are rejected on the basis of caste, in direct or indirect way. I think SC/ST/OBC candidates are more hard workig and away from mean thinking.
    In my opinion this has to be introduced in private sector to prove them selves. and to keep the mouth shut of anti-reservation mass by their talent in any field. But all act of reservation should be away from group(UC)politics.

    Comment by Manan — April 22, 2006 @ 9:45 pm PDT

  32. people, if u compare the quality of education in india - it can be seen that the quality has rather degraded over the decades… most importantly if we note the quality of people who work at all government offices… barring a few individuals most of them have a narrow-minded perspective towards Quality of work and the importance of work as a whole. i’ve encountered countless people at national banks and elsewhr who dont even know how to operate a computer even now…

    researvation can be there at primary and secondary education since it sort of evens out the platform for competition but reservations at higher education and job levels is an Absolute NO. sadly, all that the government seems to be thinking of is how to gain more votes through increase in the reservation quota.

    infact the concept of researvation came into play because of the social unjust of the yesteryears. this is still visible in the countless villages we sport. probably the government can set its sights there and try to bring justice out there but not here. infact, i dont think we got through the UN council and other councils through reservation for third world countries.

    also think bout the state of the students who have got through merit? Where will they all go? Who is to represent their agony and plight at the central government? think about how would they feel to know that a student who hardly scraped through the exam got through in a better college just through reservation. think about the plight of a merit student who couldnt get through his college of choice because of quota system. this can also be sighted as one of the primary reasons for the so-called brain-drain that the government seems to be venting against.

    i have had many personal experiences of classmates at various levels of education, who have entered the school/college through reservation quota but couldnt even pronounce simple words and failed in every exam we had. i mean what is the point of providing them with reservation if their basic fundamentals are in a SAD state?

    honestly, the government should be focusing more on providing proper primary education for the backward classes rather than thinking of increasing their quota of reservation elsewhr. the introduction of reservation would only serve to degrade the quality of services that we are known for in the international markets. instead we can sit back and notice a gradual decline in our economy.

    Comment by Rhea — April 24, 2006 @ 9:59 pm PDT

  33. I agree there should be some affirmative action to lift the backward sections of the society but reservations is not at all the solution. It can be done by giving them free education to gain the required skills and expertise. But these illiterate, vote hungry politicians will do anything to take our country backwards as long as they are stuck to their seats.

    Comment by Himanshu Sharma — April 25, 2006 @ 1:49 am PDT

  34. There is need to goverment to think sensibly. Raservation is not going to lead us anywhere. We are spoi;ing the whole culture with it. No country can survive with such a baseless policies and if india has to survive in the world we have to get rid of reservatin.

    Comment by parag — April 25, 2006 @ 3:20 pm PDT

  35. Is IIT Foundation going to take any formal action?

    Comment by Indian — April 26, 2006 @ 3:50 pm PDT

  36. The primacy of “excellence” alone in education is being promoted by the people and business who are opposed to any attempt to strive for equaility for the “left-behinds” in the society. I think this un-healthy for the society. All the western societies have gone/going thru affirmative action based on race, sex. All of know that the “merit” ranking on entry does not stay at the exit after the four years. When someone graduates from IIT, is not that is stamp of approval irrespective of how they entered. According to Rajs Kumar Dean, IIT Kharagput: “Of the 700 students, barely five persons fail, of which some may be Dalits. Some may take longer to finish the course, they are allowed to do so.” I have seen during my days many GC repeats their courses during summer.

    I also think the IT business growth in India has little to do with IIT hot-shots, it has to do with broad-based IT educations from many other engg. colleges and various commercial training institutions. Out of 5000 students every year at IIT about 600 of them studies in IT related fields (CSC, ECE, EE. Then at the end the vast majority of these 600 goes abroad. Those who have worked in IT industry in India can relate this very well . Also the vast nature of IT works require trainings from NIIT-likes. There is no need to compiler design or boundary-value theory . It is amazing that there is no major software product package from India. In fact the people who have come to IT from accounting, finance do very well in the type of IT service India provides.

    It is also funny that business executives/owners in India talks about the virtue of merit where family ownership is the norm ( even Wipro is owned > 75% by Mr. Premji).

    Affirmative action for India is good. There should more women, handicaped and other disadvantaged people in IITs. The westerns countries have done this very well. Within India Tamilnadu has the highest quota ( more than 50%). You can see at http://www.hindu.com/2004/08/23/stories/2004082308900400.htm

    Is 49.5% too much? It probably is. But it is our societies interest to have diverse work force. Those who have risen in the face of many challenges brings different perspective.

    Comment by S Ramesh — April 26, 2006 @ 6:47 pm PDT

  37. please save india from being exploited

    Comment by sameer mehta — May 1, 2006 @ 2:17 am PDT

  38. The ‘Backward Classes’ legitimately want empowerment. Empowerment will come only if the SCs; STs and OBCs are given the big jobs and they get to wield power. Getting an IIT or AIIMS or IIM seat is no route to power. Being a politician is. Being close to politcians is.

    I strongly urge that the followng laws be passed also:

    Atleast 50% time the President / Prime Minister should be from the SC / ST or OBC.
    Atleast 50% time all Ministries should be led by Ministers from the SC / ST or OBC.
    All politicians, MPs, MLAs etc and their direct and indirect families must be required under the law to fly planes designed / flown and maintained by the beneficiaries of reservation; go to doctors who were beneficiaries of the reservation policy.
    All politicians, MPs, MLAs etc and their direct and indirect families must be get admission in India ony into the institutions of higher learning only through reservation and / or through the competitive exams.
    All politicians, MPs, MLAs etc and their direct and indirect families must be disbarred from sending their children overseas to avoid this rather good system of ever increasing competitive reservation.

    Any politicians, MPs, MLAs etc and their direct and indirect families who does not use this ‘Reserved’ benefit must be jailed and disbarred from politics for ever.

    This process reserves the top jobs, the best treatment from the now empowered, the best education for the people in highest positions in India. That is the only way of empowering backward classes, instantly.

    Surely, if the fundamental rights of people to work hard and earn the beneifits of hard work, brilliance, education etc can be compromised for votes, surely curtailing the rights of politicians from flying in doctors from US, UK, Australia, sending their children overseas etc would equally be right.

    Comment by Sanjiv Bhakat — May 2, 2006 @ 9:36 am PDT

  39. The Finance Minister has the cheek to say that 69% Reservation in Tamilnadu was a sucess.40 years of so called Dravidian reform resulting in 69 % reservation has done nothing to help the economically backward. Most landowning rich Dravidian communities(now OBCs) who practised persecution of Dalits, found an easy way to have the cake and eat it too. For the purpose of reservation they used thier clout in Tamilnadu’s caste based politics to declare themselves OBC’s, continue to oppress the landless dalits and squarely put the blame on Brahmins, who hardly have a say in anything that happens in Tamilnadu, for their miseries. In Tamilnadu, its the OBC’s that “seige” both Brahmins and Dalits. They outnumber and outmuscle both brahmins and dalits in all state owned institutions. Having tasted the easy meat of reservation in state run institutions, they are hungry for a chunk in the central pie too. If one listens to the acerbic speeches of the Dravidian leaders, you will realize that it isnt very different from what Hitler directed at the Jews. If they actually put their words into action and persecute Brahmins, there will hardly be any political opposition. The Dravidian parties will cut across party lines and glorify the open plunder, labeling it as the end of bad times and then probably fight over the credit for Brahmin Bashing. Brahmins, now both vocally and numerically insignificant, out of sheer fear, have systematically started to migrate to other states/countries. Reservation is a Political compulsion specially in Tamilnadu. That is why even a serious reformist like Mr Chidambaram, London educated Lawyer from the extremely affluent and cultured Chettiar Community, is forced to tow the majority line. He says that the 69% reservation model implemented in Tamilnadu is a success and the country should take a cue. Of course it was a recipe for the success of political parties, not for the common man. If this is implemented in the national level, every rich community will get itself labelled as OBC and systematically plunder the obvious upper castes, dalits and other economically backward sections of the society, who cannot do the same. God save us all on that day….

    Emotional showmanship and film stars reproducing their on screen melodrama on election campaigns have always hijacked the real issues in Tamilnadu. That is why you have promises of Colour TVs and Gold “Thaalis(Mangalsutra)” thrown at the people to mask the failure to provide the basics since independence. A film crazy state is ready to glorify lewd dance sequences featuring full bodied scantily clad women, but is instigated to take up cudgels against harmless remarks from former actresses, supposedly hurting their sentiments. You have political leaders like DR Ramadoss seeking the ban of all languages other than Tamil, but quietly sending their own wards to convent schools and medical colleges abroad. Reservation will never work………… period.
    Some new insights

    J.E.E –> Jaath Evaluation Examination.
    C.A.T –> Caste Ascertainement Test.
    C.G.P.A –> Caste Group Promotion Average
    For more insights, please visit

    Comment by Jaikumar Aiyer — May 5, 2006 @ 1:44 am PDT

  40. Dear Ramesh,
    The statitics depicted by The hHindu clearly show one thing, there are no forward caste students who want to stay and study in Tamilnadu. BY what the figures there show, everyone who writes an exam is either a BC, or an MBC or an SC/ST. IF only reserved category students apply for courses/write competitive, obviously they will be toppers. There is no great Logic to it. Probably the logic you seem to give is the result of the “strong education system” presetnly in Tamilnadu. It only vindicates my earlier article that the every community except the Brahmins and a few subsects of Mudaliars and Chettiars, have got themselves branded as BC for the purpose of Reservation, amassed all the land and wealth as fruits of this very reservation policy and continue to practise the dreaded caste system by opressing the Dalits in rural areas. so much for their growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jaikumar Aiyer — May 5, 2006 @ 1:57 am PDT


    Comment by n.g.kundu — May 5, 2006 @ 4:28 am PDT

    function reservation_percentage=Reservation(Caste, original_reservation_percentage, marks, CGPA,annual family income)

    print(“original meaning of CGPA”)
    print(“Cumulative Grade Point Average”)
    print(“Redifining CGPA…….”)
    CGPA=”Caste Group Promotion Average”

    if (caste= FC)
    print(“So what. You don’t deserve to study, get lost!!!!)
    if(marksper capita income)
    print(“Nevermind, we will adjust anyway”)
    adjustment_to_income=any factor that will ensure that income falls below per capita;
    annual family income(official)=adjustment_to_income*annual family income(actual)
    print(“Now you can call yourself backward”)

    print(“How did you manage to get the question paper, let me know too!)

    print(“Brilliant ! We will sponsor your studies abroad”)

    print(“No problem, we will increase seats for you, who says 100% is the limit”)
    /*Initial Adjustments completed*/
    /*Begin Final Adjustment*/
    /* Call function recursively*/
    original_reservation_percentage=Reservation(OBC,original reservation percentage,marks, cgpa, annual family income)
    /*end OBC case*/

    if (caste= =SC/ST)
    /* Begin SC/ST case*/
    if(annual family income > per capita income)
    print(“you must be powerful sc/st leader’s son/daughter and the key to their vote bank”)
    actual reservation adjustment = same as OBC;

    if(annual family income

    Comment by kautilya — May 6, 2006 @ 4:48 am PDT

  43. Dear Mr. Jaikumar Aiyer,
    You have a point that medical entrance results in TN might mean that the FC are not appearing. It is interesting the hi-tech cheating took place in TN and the doctors were FCs. But I am sure you would not agree that quality of medical professional are not worse than that of Bihar ( where reservation is less than that for the state of TN). My point is that the “merit” students are hotshots but not the only ones. The IT industry proves that.
    You would agree with me that Mr. Chidambaram is meritorious( it would interesting to find out how he got admitted to Harvard) and I think his judgment of affect of inclusion of broder section in TN is right on target.

    The OBCs and SC/ST are blamed for all the ills in India. How is this when 5% of brahmin population holds more than 50% of the cabinets positions? It used to be about 80% a decade back. Brain may not be the sole factor to progress. The western universities evaluates on the basis of manu qualities not just the SAT score. Why do you think there are fewer girls at IITs? Are the less bariniacs? Or the system is designed to exclude them. India would do very well by opening doors to under-privileged without closing the doors who have moved forward. It can be done by significantly increasing the number of students tied with emphasis on affirmative action. There has to be a balance between elitism and populism.

    Comment by S Ramesh — May 11, 2006 @ 6:38 pm PDT

  44. Dear Ramesh
    I would be the first to agree that merit has nothing to do with a persons caste. Since you agree that caste doesnt determine a person’s merit, why do you want reservation for the so called backward classes. If they are good enough, they will get through in open competetion wont they? A good education system needs neither elitism nor populism. It should be based only on merit. All the statistics that you give out about Brahmins forming 50% of the Cabinet isnt substantiated by actual Facts, There isnt a Single Brahmin in the Tamilnadu Cabinet (and brahmins dont have a say in anything that happens in tamilnadu), and there are less than 20% brahmins in the central cabinet. The problem is that as long people like you view everyone as “Brahmins” and “OBCs”, no solution will be acceptable to you. That is why Landowning Vanniyars, a very powerful and rich comminity in Tamilnadu, have been unfairly reaping the benefits of reservation by branding themselves as “Backward” , while they continue to oppress dalits(Mr Ramadass, leader of PMK and his fellow Vanniyars, cannot stand the sight of MR Tirumavalavan and his fellow dalit Panthers). If you travel through tamilnadu, you will realise that it isnt the Brahmins who follow community based divisive politics, but the self proclaimned champions of the Dravidian CAuse. YOu have a party of vaniyars, another party of thevars, etc. From 18 communities labelled as Backward classes in 1951, Tamilnadu has “Progressed” to more than 400 “backward” communities today. Effectively, all these caste based parties manage to get themselves branded as “Backward” and therefore claim a part of the reservation pie. The really oppressed and financially backward people never get anything and dont even realise what a big ride they have been taken for. The solution therefore rests in empowering at the school level.
    For Instance, I was born in a so called Brahmin family, but my father was a communist by principle, and despite his best efforts, couldnt afford to educate me beyond school. Today, I have armed myself with a double Masters today only because i chose to work hard. I didnt have any advantage of any sort, if any i was financially deprived, but in the eyes of my own parent state, i was born in a “Brahmin” family and hence didnt deserve the right to educate myself, no matter how good i was. I didnt go crying to a party leader or a minister to give me reservation(not that anyone would have heard my cries even if i did…), I worked to get good education on my own.
    As for Mr Chidambaram, i have had the oppurtunity to hear his views personally, and he is a champion of free and competetive market. It is only political compulsions(read DMK+PMK alliance that is holding the central government) that force him to make statements like that. That is why he is thorough bred reformist talking of fiscal disclipline at the centre, but in tamilnadu, he is forced to issue statements supporting Mr Karunanidhi’s ridiculous freebies. In a recent interview, he couldnt hold himself back when asked about the colour TV tamasha. to repeat his words, (with a cheeky smile), “I have said that it is possible to give Colour TVs to 51 lakh families, but it is the state government’s prerogative to decide its priorities vis -a-vis, primary education health care etc” So much for Mr Chidambaram’s compulsions and opinions….
    Affirmative action is about good school education and health care. Its about giving a part of your life and time to help the poor and the needy irrespective of their caste, to educate them and equip them better to handle the competetion better at the higher level. The real needy ones dont need colour TV’s and mangal sutra’s. what good is a reservation system if they cant finish school…
    I sponsor four kids aged between 4 and 7 at special after school education programmes for cultural, intellectual development.
    I dont know what caste they belong too, and frankly i dont care.
    But if i put the right kind of effort now, when they are young, they dont need the crutches of reservation to stand up. They will stand up on their own and that will make them feel a lot more proud of themselves and prepare them for a global competetive environment. No one would dare question their merit and capabilities.
    If i, as an individual, can try and change 4 lives, the all powerful government certainly can..
    If the 8000 crore spent on colour TV’s and Loan waivers and stupid freebies is used for making rural schools better, you and i wont have any reason to debate here..

    Comment by kautilya — May 14, 2006 @ 3:23 am PDT

  45. It seems some of the grest brains are discussing in this forum. But I think one angle is missing here. Have any of you noticed the role of traditional media in this reservation issue? Have any of you noticed how the picture of a drenched woman got flashed in the national dailies to sensationalize the news of protests by medical students?
    I read a great article about this at www.merinews.com. This website also has an article by Mr.Suraj Bhan, the head of SC community. It opens up a different facet of the debate altogether. Check them out if you can.

    Comment by Rony — May 15, 2006 @ 1:41 am PDT

  46. soon it will not be a case of mere discrimination against legitimate fundamental rights of so called upper cast citizens, but a case of PERSECUTION. Hitler had started the same way dividing German society and started a drift that changed the course of world history.

    Does parlimanetary democarcy in India mean that bunch of politicians can kill the legitimate and fundamental rights of a certain section of society? I suggest that it is time for petitioning the issue in UNHRC? It is also time to start applying to foreign consulates and demand political asylum on te ground of persecution by state?

    The constitution of India as it stands now has lost the ability to protect rights of people who are being persecuted by the state on the basis of cast and religion -ie: so called upper castes and hindus!

    beware world! If a civiul war starts by the action of screwd up politicians then the whole world will suffer due to mass migration of people form India.

    Comment by m s waldia — May 15, 2006 @ 2:55 am PDT

    We have to look for the betterment of the people who are poor and need our assistance , we have to give them the platform by doing the reservation.
    SC/ST/OBC people are left behind the world if you go to some villages or even in cities then you will realize the gap that is there with these people and us.i am saying this because i have seen the pain which these people feel.
    Thanks Arjun singh we supports you !!!

    Comment by Pramod Kumar — May 15, 2006 @ 3:48 am PDT

  48. Tamilnadu is like Hitler era ,no can can talk, all the rich people with more population will be backward . They will watch sun tv all the time and then get medical seats , people who get seats on caste based reservation should be ashamed of themselves .
    I have seen brahmin families who study well but cant afford being put in the corner by politicians who get their children educated in Harvard .
    Will a backward caste politican run his business with reserved employees.
    In Tamilnadu the real issue is not developing the backward community , but jealousy

    Comment by S.Balaji — May 16, 2006 @ 11:09 am PDT

  49. The congress party first polarized this nation on the basis of religion. It divided India into a nation comprising a a “minority community” and a “majority community” each one observing a different religion. To every discerning Indian, it is plain that the party did this for its own survival (at the cost of national integrity! plain treason!). The congress party’s modus operandi is quite patent. First create among certian communities the feeling that they are being targeted and persecuted; then offer to act their gaurdian. The reservation quota is obviously meant to appease certain castes, this time, if not religions. Not considering the fact that reservations on the basis of caste will polarize the masses on caste basis, they are now trying to ensure certain political advantages. Why cannot reservations be on the basis of economical criteria and that alone? Such a criteria would ensure both, that poor people from the so called backward castes (most poor people are in fact, are from the so called backward castes) as well as poor people from the so called forward classes will benefit. What is the logic for choosing caste as the basis for reservations?
    Some days back, I saw a Chennai doctor from a “backward caste” speaking in favor of reservations on the basis of caste. He wants his children too to get the favors; in spite of their being children of a doctor! So much for the purpose caste-based reservations would serve!!It is high time people saw through the machinations of the congress party and discarded for good. What we want is one India, one law, one civil code. No politician must be allolwed to use words like “minority community” and “majority community” or “backward” and “forward” castes. India is just one nation, one people. If the congress party thinks it can fool all the people all the time, well, it is laboring under a fatal delusion. Trying to supress people by letting loose rowdy policemen on them will not work for long. Nor can any Arjun Singh impose an order agains the will of the people.

    Comment by V.K.Rajan — May 18, 2006 @ 1:20 am PDT

  50. It is funny - one of the most educated PM in world is talking about creating a

    Robotic Army (see link below). Specially when he supports the reservation for OBC’s

    and other backward classes in premier institutes like AIIMS, IIM and IIT - because

    he is from Congress Party.

    In case any of you doesn’t understands the implications - that means total

    reservation goes upto 50% (in some state - 70%) and a deserving candidate with 85%

    marks will stand out and a reservation guy would get admission with below 50%

    score. Also if there is a specialist course - with say 1 seat - that means -

    non-reservation guy gets that seat once in 4 year. But these same monkeys would go

    to UK and US for their treatment and not get treated by those reservation guys.
    For once I bow my head and take all wrong you want to say about India. For once I

    ask you to spread this to world that the Indian who makes India proud has to

    struggle with world and Indians(like traitor Congress Party) alike. Ask the fellow

    who made the statement of robotic army - how will a dufus make a robotic army when

    they kill the inventor before he was born.

    I am a proud Indian whom Congress party has done shame. They are the ones dividing

    the whole country on the basis of casteism.

    If indians like me die - India is going down and soon we will be ruled again by the

    likes of Muslims and East India Company.

    Instead of opening school and colleges and providing education from the start to

    all the OBC’s and lower caste (for whom they say they care) - they take a short cut

    and provide some few hundred creamy guys - out of 100 million needy - a college

    seat. I don’t mind if I pay taxes for the free college studies of an OBC’s - but

    ask the monkey - will he travel in a helicopter maintained by an untrained

    reservation guy. My fellow Indian (OBC’s and Lower caste alike) - they are dividing

    us again.
    Jai Hind.

    Robotic Army India

    Comment by KM — May 18, 2006 @ 10:58 am PDT

  51. Surely enough if reservation protagonists feel it’s so imperative in our country…then why don’t they exhort for the same in fields like Army…Why not in Cricket..
    And why spare Bollywood then…
    Defile each an every opportunity in our country that counts on merit…that engraves a talent…
    Imagine how prepostrous it would sound…It’s mandatory for each producer to produce at least 30% of his total movies a year with SC/ST/OBC cast - the hero and the heroines….to hell with the talent. If any of these stars shine then surely it would do great to the background they come frm…lots of money pouring in for his/her family & hometown…much more social impact he can make than say, if else he had studied & gotten into any IIT/IIM’s…So why not reservation in bollywood…it’s an industry in India afterall.

    “Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease…”

    Comment by Ashish — May 19, 2006 @ 12:35 am PDT

  52. who is the 1st citizen of our country?DrAPJ Abdul Kalam.Isn’t he from a backward community?Didn’t he become the president of our country?Did he get any favour from this reservation policies?No,it is only because of his hardwork and intelligence he is able to reach this position.It all depends on the people’s attitude.It is only because of these reservations India is not growing fast.It is still a developing country even after 50 years o independence.Look at many asian countries like japan,china,taiwan……. who got independence along with india.They are able to influence world’s economy.Do these nations have reservations,are the politicians playing caste politics there?It is true that they are not having as many castes as india has.
    There are backward castes in india who are not getting the benefits of the reservations.It is only well settled and richer people in backward classes are getting the benefits.And also there are many poorer sections in FC’s.Eventhough this reservation policy has been prevailed in india for more than 50 years it is not able to bridge the gap.This means it is a total failure,so it should be abolished.
    The reservation policy is prevailing in india only because of these greedy politicians(congress party in particular).So all the students should be united and agitate against the quota in IIT’s/IIm’s.Especially Mr.Arjunsingh should be removed from the present post.And in particular all the indians should keep in mind,not to vote for this kind of politicians and such parties.

    Comment by sri — May 20, 2006 @ 11:22 pm PDT

  53. Hi,

    Some of the comments are so casteist it is scary. It is a fact that brahmins have dominated and continue to do do even today. A look at those posting and one finds the aiyers and sharmas and rajans and balajis. How is it that 3% of india’s popultaions contniue to be the ones most likely to be found at the IIScs, IITs, IIMs. Does general category only mean brahmins? i wonder!

    it is a pity that the youth talk and think this way. Lip ervice to the poor is not enough. Institutional and systemic support is required which is what reservations are. Obviously it is not enough but this does not imply that you even take this away. This implies that you get other processes in motion as well.

    Comment by Philip C — May 21, 2006 @ 10:44 pm PDT

  54. dont think that government will do something for us.government doesn’t know the exact or even near figures of what is the OBC population .one commision say 52% other say 38% and another say 29%.
    what a funny things the government they dont take measures for decreasing population and they dont take measures for decreasing pollution or eradicating corruption or plantation for greenery but they want to take measures on obc. according to government deprived dalits will get benifited .if they take the measures every deprived citizen will get benifitted.
    quit the old government parties let us form a fresh one .

    Comment by seshu — May 22, 2006 @ 10:35 am PDT

  55. please look at the inteview of arjun singh in ibnlive.com he says he doesn’t know any figures but he will implement the quota .for clear go to this http://www.ibnlive.com/news/decision-on-quota-is-final-the-chapter-is-closed/11063-4.html

    Comment by seshu — May 22, 2006 @ 10:43 am PDT

  56. i wish to suggest that there be reservations upto 5% for brahmins in every sector. Their number cannot exceed this percentage considering that they are about 5% of India’s population. This reservation policy would extend to all educational institutions (including the IITs, IIMs and ofcourse AIIMS), government estbalishments (including Class I to Class IV jobs, diplomats, cabinet, etc), private and public sectors, etc. Further the creamy layer argument would not apply.

    Any takers????

    none i guess! and pray why? because they only want the creamy layer of jobs that they already are used to.

    Caste has defined the options available to students, which explains why they are a majority of upper caste students in these institutions. If students cannot understand that this privelige has an oppresive history that needs to be contested, then this country is in deep trouble.

    Merit, efficiency, competetiveness, etc cannot be used as arguments that propogate the dominance of the upper castes. In any way merit is not compromised on considering that each and every student has to score the same marks to pass.

    Hopefully social justice has to prevail and for these we need to ensure that all sections of society are equally represented in all realms. Reservations is necessary to force this while ensuring equal primary education is the longer process.

    still hoping

    Comment by Philip C — May 22, 2006 @ 9:25 pm PDT

  57. I think the degrees offered to students who enter after June 2007 should explicitly state they entered through quotas - B.Tech-Quota, M.Tech-Quota etc (including those through NRI etc). Why not? That will make it clear to future meployers that these students did not come through the system the right way…

    Anyway all this discussion is not going to lead anywhere. The only hope is to somehow instigate more powerful forces to protest…

    Comment by HD — May 23, 2006 @ 1:03 pm PDT

  58. Is this an issue related to the reservation of reservation of OBC’s or SC/ST people I dont think its against the reservation of OBC’s or SC/ST people
    but its against the reservation of internal students in AIIMS.
    because it hearts their self esteem if they get admission in higher studies in AIIMS beacause they are students of AIIMS.
    my personal view is that AIIMS should waive off the reservation of internal students.

    But still various other issues related to reservation may come in future

    1. There should not be any ladies seats in the DTC buses.
    they should also fase the problem like men.
    2. There should not be any reservation in trains
    if some people can travel in genral compartment why not all.
    why some people need comfert like full birth to sleep, AC compartment,
    even in rush time. while in general comartment people dont have place even for standing.

    (once as I saw in the movie Mahatma Gandhi ; he(Gandhiji) was thrown out of the the train becase he was trvelling in the reserved compartment for british people)

    3. in school or collages there should not be any staff seat, VIP seat, Management seat. self finence seats, or donation seats.

    I dont think that we should make it quetion of reservation of OBC/SC/ST.

    but no one should get any kind of reservation.
    its may be by showing Cast certificate, or by spending money.
    or by showing parents qualification or designation or social status.

    Q A

    Comment by Qamar Alam — May 24, 2006 @ 8:28 pm PDT

  59. To
    Indian Leaders
    You all would be very happy by keeping a silent observatory node in the game of breaking indian youth integration by encouraging castism despite having a fair understanding of secularism and human values ; and overall you all know the very fact that “caste does not decide talent in any human being”. I personlly do not care man made rules which are dividing a country for the name of caste,colour etc;. I am very disappointed by the fact that still, in our country such educated leaders(Our PM is an economics pundit..our President is Missile Man..) are present who repertoire awkward rules on the envil of castism..and who use to beat drums of reservation for betterment of a section of mass despite they are leaders of entire country. I always use to surprise by hearing jargons like “a particular section is very poor and need education, job,health facilities etc.; . Make them under the umbrella of SC/ST/OBC/XYZ and everything would be ok .” . Shouldnt We say x% of Indians are very poor as they can not manage even basic amenities for their lives . Shoudnt We need to list down those x% of Indians?. Shoudnt We need to frame some useful rules for those x% of Indians?. Shouldnt these Indians..Plz note.Indians..and not cast x..y…z need some special measures and for those Indians, Shouldnt Indian Govt. should frame and implement needful rules so that these Indians would feel proud of being an Indian and having such a great democratic Govt. But, Would really be this trauma of castism/reservation schemes for the name of developing a country having an end?..I dont know…and dont think…far far in near future…any possible end would be there.Being an Indian…I will always protest these man made rules which will affect directly the future of our needy Indians who hardly manage a square of meal,who really need development and who really feel low due to cast factor .
    When the day will come?…When there would be same rule for each and every Indian and if question of special privileges would come..then it would be meant only for needful Indians (whose family income is below a certain cut-off..is really poor). Do you any have any answer of these questions ?. When would you all stop this chaotic politics of beating each other by number of votes by framing such caste provoking rules ?. When would the day come when an Indian who hardly manage suqare of meal will get a chance to be a passenger in these reservation vehicles to reach his/her destination dream ? . They will not get..as they do not belong to a caste which has a powerful representative in assembly..rt?..they do not have a huge vote bank..rt?…

    Anyways..It is up to you Leaders..to rethink upon your dos and donts…and revisit what you could and can do for your own country…as your part.

    Best Of Luck..PLz do save you own nation…dont paly with integartion of youth..

    Chandra Shekhar Tewary
    Jay Hind

    Comment by Chandra Shekhar Tewary — May 25, 2006 @ 11:32 pm PDT

  60. Reservation is a menace and it will kill our merits. It must be stopped !!! Lets raise our combined voice against it .

    Comment by Somnath Chakrabarti — May 26, 2006 @ 3:13 am PDT

  61. Hi all
    whether you are in favour or in against reservation but please try to keep out the emotinal black mailing steps from this debate like resigning from some ones job, or trying for atmdah(putting one self on fire) or any other kind of emotional black mailing. and please never appreciate such people and let the people understand(or try to explain them ) the difference between sacrifice and emotional black mailing.

    Comment by Qamar Alam — May 28, 2006 @ 9:55 pm PDT

  62. This reservation issue is really frustrating. No way it will make India a more prosperous state. It will just ruin her. Look at China, Malaysia, Thailand. They were almost in the same economic condition in the 50’s, if not worse. Now compare them. China is now a superpower threatening even US. Did all of these countries had any sort of reservation any time ? Never!!! Why don’t we follow these countries, mainly China, since we both are large nation with huge population, similar background and etc etc. Moreoever, some of the persons here are talking about reservation for poor classes etc. I suggest “NO” reservation for any classes. Reservation can never take you to prosperity. It will only ruin you. If you are able, competent and intelligent you can make it to anywhere; even Harvard or Stanford, leave alone IITs. If you are poor and hard working you can make it anyway (think Dhirubhai Ambani, Mani Bhoumik and loads of other examples); but if you are poor and lazy then you can only blame the govt. and others. So friends, lets talk about eradication of reservation/quota system in all fields of academics (and jobs as well). Only then we can see our India truly “Shining”!!!

    Comment by Ritam H — May 29, 2006 @ 10:06 pm PDT

  63. This reservation issue is really frustrating. No way it will make India a more prosperous state. It will just ruin her. Look at China, Malaysia, Thailand. They were almost in the same economic condition in the 50’s, if not worse. Now compare them. China is now a superpower threatening even US. Did all of these countries had any sort of reservation any time ? Never!!! Why don’t we follow these countries, mainly China, since we both are large nation with huge population, similar background and etc etc. Moreoever, some of the persons here are talking about reservation for poor classes etc. I suggest “NO” reservation for any classes. Reservation can never take you to prosperity. It will only ruin you. If you are able, competent and intelligent you can make it to anywhere; even Harvard or Stanford, leave alone IITs. If you are poor and hard working you can make it anyway (think Dhirubhai Ambani, Mani Bhoumik and loads of other examples); but if you are poor and lazy then you can only blame the govt. and others. So friends, lets talk about eradication of reservation/quota system in all fields of academics (and jobs as well). Only then we can see our India truly “Shining”!!!

    Comment by Niranjhan Kantharaj — June 1, 2006 @ 10:46 pm PDT

  64. Striking AIIMS docs live in a glass house, these protesters are hypocrite. Read more at


    Comment by S Ramesh — June 6, 2006 @ 6:40 pm PDT

  65. Dear Friends

    I have carefully read a lot these mails and found that what we are missing out is something which is genuine.

    Yes let us take for example the quta is implemented, we get students from the quota class passing out of premier institutes. Then what they get good plushy jobs and live happily ever after.

    Do they ever know that this quota has been introduced to help their quota Brethren to reach the hieghts that they have reached and there is a committment back to the community that they lived in.

    This does not happen at all. Is the quota to help one to migrate in to a greater living or to migrate a population to the greater standards.

    We need to understand what is being targetted.

    Jai hind

    Comment by Shiva — August 30, 2006 @ 1:49 am PDT

  66. Dear Arjun Singhjee,
    The statitics depicted by The hHindu clearly show one thing, there are no forward caste students who want to stay and study in Tamilnadu. BY what the figures there show, everyone who writes an exam is either a BC, or an MBC or an SC/ST. IF only reserved category students apply for courses/write competitive, obviously they will be toppers. There is no great Logic to it. Probably the logic you seem to give is the result of the “strong education system” presetnly in Tamilnadu. It only vindicates my earlier article that the every community except the Brahmins and a few subsects of Mudaliars and Chettiars, have got themselves branded as BC for the purpose of Reservation, amassed all the land and wealth as fruits of this very reservation policy and continue to practise the dreaded caste system by opressing the Dalits in rural areas. so much for their growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by S.V. Shelke — December 27, 2006 @ 9:56 pm PST

  67. think just getting becoz u have a caste reserved there,??? funny na

    then why in India to make such a system .

    inspite of all such short term decisions lets try thet every Indian atleast get a graduate level education so that 1 might think 4 getting there postgraduation done.

    Comment by shrikant bhattad — January 29, 2007 @ 7:36 am PST

  68. As far as reservation is concerned it is the when one has to sit back and really study it properly and take a decision in real development of our country and here due to all these political chaos it has affected the harmony of our country, the backwardness which was forgotten a short period of time among the people has again be given a flare to be experienced and by doing this it has hurted the emotions of our country and now in the period of development it is an urge to select the right candidate for the right post and for the there should be equality in terms of knowledge, understanding, potential and performance, equality should deal with individuals capability and not on the basis of caste, sex or age. so Govt should stop all the quota system and purely to have a better education and better future in our country should act sensibly and, take necessary steps to provide education to poor and financially unsound and instead of banning child labour it should impose policies where the person who hires child for labour should take care or his/ her education compulsorily, and in doing so the problem regarding children enrollment can be solved and also he may earn his livelihood and cant be devoid of any exploitation, present policy of banning child labour can produce beggars and no ideal citizens…..

    Comment by shrikant bhattad — January 29, 2007 @ 7:37 am PST

  69. Today, the meaning of backwardness has changed in India comparing to the past. Today, people who are financially weaker no matter which so called ‘caste’ they belong to, should be treated as those who deserve any reservation if there would be any. If these selfish politicians really want to uplift the social condition of weaker section, they should give reservation according to the economic condition and NOT based on caste. They have turned so blind in the greed of votes that they forget that such thing like caste based reservation would divide the country. These traitors never care about who are the real candidate to get reservation but just about their chair. Can t they understand this simple fact that SC, ST or OBC people who are rich never need any kind of reservation. And people from any caste or community who are living below poverty line really deserve for it. Cant they understand that today reservation should be according to financial condition of people and not to the caste. Some peole who belong to creamy SC/ST group and claim for reservation should be shame on them . They actually are afraid that they can never compete with so called higher caste people because they think they are less talented by birth. So, they never agree with reservation based on economic condition. It is really very deplorable .

    Comment by Siddharth — February 12, 2008 @ 8:52 am PST

  70. I personally feel that reservations should be removed. The students who have studied so hard don’t get a seat in the colleges, and those who haven’t like studied get a seat in the college. I think it is unfair on the part of the children born in general families.I know that backward classes should get an oppurtunity to learn but then what about us general people.There should be different colleges made for backward classes.
    There is loss made to the general people.I know that India is trying to abide by its Constitution.The constitution says that all should be equal. The government is trying to make the backward classes equal to the general people.But all are not being treated equally at all.The students who have actuall studied are not getting seats in the college.What kind of equality is this?

    Comment by Nivedita — March 26, 2008 @ 6:22 am PDT

  71. i could understand that if reservations are implemented for obc,sc,st it would help them but government should see that at the same time fc’s {middle class} should not suffer then they should asure a few amount seats for them also and the should see that cut off list should not have much difference for obc and fc.

    Comment by aswin — April 13, 2008 @ 6:23 am PDT

  72. In democratic country there should be equal right to all human being irrespective of cast/ communities & religion.
    Political party is making undue advantage by manipulating the current available resources which are insufficient to son of our soil just to attract attention of vote bank.
    We citizen of India will not allow to create division in society on ground of cast / religion / or communities.

    We prefer the education right to all citizens of India & request Mr.Arjun Singh to open IIT in every State of INDIA which will have 5 times more seat for General/ SC/ST / OBC. We are the son of soil and we are the son of our mother India and we all are brothers.
    Please keep away you from dirty politics which English left a lesion for India divide and rule.

    Mr. Arjun Singh : Why not you are able to provide following education facility based on following facts.

    1. After our Independence what is growth rate of our population : Is it double?
    2. What is the seats available in IIT / IIM / AIIMS : Is it four times ? Are you creating more rooms vs population growth and doing justice to you post and position . Please do justice to all aspirant students who wish to take admission in IIT/IIMS/AIIMS.
    3.If you feel that just making reservation to by manipulating current available very short supply infrastructure & resources and justifying for OBC for their true growth and growth of our nation/ country , we citizen of Country wish to give 100% reservation to OBC , Why only 50%?
    4. What is your reaction if we citizen of India vote against you due to you manipulating politics and not doing justices to all Citizen of India?
    We try to put some hard facts in favor of growth of Our Country Mother India and Son of its soil.
    Thanks and warm regards

    Comment by RAJIV KUMAR , PMP — April 13, 2008 @ 6:30 pm PDT

  73. the things that are lost in sc/st obc is that they are not getting exposure . so to improve their living standard and to open their eyes reservation is essential

    Comment by sailesh s — April 28, 2008 @ 1:01 am PDT


    Why do we have reservations?
    Answer: Why are higher castes higher? Because of the unconstitutional reservation that was made available to them for past so many centuries in education and other opportunities. That too 100% reserved. We need to ease that down a lil’ bit but in a constitutional (lawful) manner in order to offset the past irregularities.

    Why is Respected Mr. Argun Singh in favor of reservation?
    Answer: India is a democracy and he is doing his job of listening to the “MAJORITY” of the people. Remember the meaning of democracy? Goverment of the people, by the people and for the people (READ people as “majority of the people”).

    Other commments: It is not Argun Singh who is bringing the change. One person just cannot. The world is changing, selection criteria has changed. Darwin theory still holds true. The person who runs the show is the one who is elected by the majority of the people, that person need not be son of a king. Everytime you point a finger on Arjun Singh, think you are against democracy, then you may even decide to move to China under communist government and get spanked for not being influential.

    Take it easy people, let things even out now. India is in the process of creating level playing field for all. However, before that happens we need to do some homework. The percentage population of those who qualify for reservation is much more than the percent reservation they are getting.

    IMPORTANT: You see people blogging on internet against reservation. Don’t be prejudiced by the large number of naysayers. A much larger number that supports reservation isn’t interested in leaving a comment.

    Comment by come on — June 21, 2008 @ 12:13 am PDT

  75. At times i really feel ashamed of myself to be called an INDIAN. Being an IIT’ian i feel pity on myself for wat IIT will remain after another few years, thanks to the reservation. I am really shocked by the behavior and decisions of the government. What right do they have to play with countries future for their selfish politics.
    If they really want to help the backward class people then why dont they support such students by providing financial help, free coaching and training. Reservation is not the solution by which they are going to develop, in fact this is only going to make them weaker and dependable.
    I would rather say consider me someone who is even below the backward class, i dont have problem with that.Do this to whole country,why do we need casteism. Those who deserves should get it.
    If politicians arent stopped now, we(India) will be facing an disaster and if this time it falls, it wont stand again.
    I am sure our next generation is only goin to curse us for what we are going to give them by implementing this nonsense politics.
    I pray to god to not to let me live and see such day.

    Comment by Vrajesh — July 6, 2008 @ 6:10 am PDT

  76. To the person who posted comment number 74 ,all I would say is that do not cook imaginary history to buttress your illegitimate claims about caste reservations.

    Also, just as you say people who support reservations are not interested in leaving a comment, unfortunately, those who are in opposition to caste reservations aren’t interested in voting. Also, as per economic indicators, many of the so-called ‘High Castes’ have not only usually been poor historically (the Brahmins for example) but now they are much worse off than before & deserve an inclusion in the SC list.

    If this is not possible then let there be quotas on the actual basis of SC population in India that is 15% & prevent any SC, ST or OBC from applying in the General category.

    Also, since the Indian Army is facing a shortage of over 50,000 personnel, let us extend caste reservations there also & allow all castes including the so-called High castes, SC , ST & OBC to demonstrate their patriotism on the killing fields of Kashmir, the North-East, the Naxal infested areas etc

    Comment by Achintya — July 8, 2008 @ 1:57 am PDT

  77. I didn’t liked reservations till it was only for ST/SC/PD but now I like it because it is for OBC also…

    Comment by Suryakant Bharti — November 25, 2008 @ 4:01 am PST

  78. i think its just a mere help to those people who cant afford high cst coaching culture. GOOD LUCK

    Comment by saurabh prakash — October 3, 2010 @ 5:31 am PDT

  79. Government should try to make strategy to improve education systems in India and make all institutes like IITs, and IIMs and then we all will have great Future, even your kids, and generation will get the developed india. With reservation we can’t develop, nobody can, even reserved people remains underdeveloped.
    The illiterate and narrow minded politicians who are forcing caste-based selection procedure should be now displaced with the educated and capable people. Even 22.5% reservation as prevailing should be removed cause I had several batchmates from so-called backward sections who could crack JEE even without using their quota benefits. They were genius! And did not require any such political mileage offered by casteists!!

    Comment by SHAGNIK GHOSH — November 13, 2011 @ 9:21 pm PST

  80. IIT is a premier source of education and attracts the best talent from the country.
    It is not a social institution and therefore the reservation policy should be kept out
    of it.This adheres to CAT/MAT/JEE as well.Look we are not playing the fool,the best talent is in the best interest of the country,irrespective of caste.However if we talk
    about entrance exams for banks(PO and Clerk)we can keep reservation as it is in the national interest of the organisation.

    Comment by Vaibhav Aksh — December 3, 2011 @ 6:31 am PST

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