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Appeal from the President to North American Alumni

Date: November, 2000

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Dear Fellow IITian:

Inspired by generous pledges of $5 million each from alums Suhas Patil, Vinod Gupta, Arjun Malhotra, P.C. Chatterjee and Suni Munshani, the IIT Foundation has taken great strides in funding major improvements this year at your alma mater, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

In May, the IIT Foundation granted it's largest single project to date -- the Advanced VLSI Laboratory. With a commitment of $260,000 for the first year, renewable for an additional two years, this grant funds state-of-the-art technology with the most current advanced instruction for students at IIT Kharagpur, reinforcing the Institute's reputation as a leader in research and education.

Right now, we are at the beginning of an even more ambitious project that will provide a computer and Internet access to every student in the hall rooms. The project is the vision of Suhas Patil (1965) and is headed by Professor M.N. Faruqui, an IIT graduate and former Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute. This single project will catapult IIT Kharagpur into the ranks of the most connected academic institutions in the world.

In today's competitive world, educational institutions like IIT Kharagpur must continuously improve their infrastructure and capabilities to meet the growing needs of students and faculty. Cutting edge technology and updated amenities are vital to attracting and keeping the best and the brightest of India's youth and world-class faculty.

As technologists, educators, businessmen and entrepreneurs, we, the alumni, must recognize that the excellent education we received at IIT Kharagpur is the very cornerstone of our professional success.

IIT Kharagpur needs your help to continue its unmatched tradition of excellence. We are asking for your annual financial support of the students, programs, and facilities at Kharagpur.

Join in propelling IIT Kharagpur into the new millennium. Your annual contribution to the IIT Foundation is integral to the success of our mission.

Please make your contribution to the IIT Foundation before the end of the year to receive tax benefits for 2000. Every gift benefits IIT Kharagpur and is tax-deductible!

With sincere thanks, Arvind Jain (1969)

P.S. Please print the donor form available at http://www.iitfoundation.org/2000/form.shtml and fax or mail back with your contribution before December 31, 2000 to get your year 2000 tax deduction!