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2001 Highlights

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IIT Foundation: 2001 Highlights

Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni,

As the year comes to a close, it is my pleasure to summarize for you the projects and programs the IIT Foundation has instituted at IIT Kharagpur during 2001. We are most pleased with the course of the Foundation's activities this year, and believe that they truly exemplify the mission of our organization: to enhance the academic and physical resources at IIT Kharagpur while positively impacting the lives of the students on campus.

We cannot recap our grants and projects for 2001 without first acknowledging our generous major donors Dr. Suhas Patil, Mr. Arjun Malhotra and Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee. Without their continuous support, both in leadership and finance, the Foundation would not have been able to implement the programs that are key to keeping IIT Kharagpur a world-class academic institution.

Network Project: The IIT Foundation, with a generous grant from Cisco Systems and first-class project execution by HCL/Comnet, has almost completed groundwork to provide universal high speed Internet access to all students from their Hall rooms. The Foundation has been able to provide all students a total of 2,800 personal computers at a Rs.10,000 discount. The PC becomes the students personal property upon graduation. The estimated completion date for networking all the halls or residence is December 31, 2001.

IIT Foundation Professor: The IIT Foundation has been fortunate to appoint Professor M.N. Faruqui as the IIT Foundation Professor on-site at IIT Kharagpur. Dr. Faruqui is responsible for all IIT Foundation grants on campus, and has provided critical leadership in executing the Network Project. We look forward Professor Faruqui continuing to represent the IIT Foundation on campus in the years to come.

VLSI Laboratory: For the second year, the IIT Foundation has funded the VLSI Laboratory on campus, as well as visiting faculty teaching a short course each December. This December, IIT Kharagpur will welcome Dr. John Uyemura from the Georgia Institute of Technology, who will be teaching a course on digital CMOS circuit design and application. It is our pleasure to acknowledge the extraordinary leadership provided by Dr. Bijoy Chatterjee in managing this program.

Microsoft Visiting Professor: Thanks to the generous donations of over eighty IIT alumni who are Microsoft employees, the Microsoft Visiting Professor position was formed in 2000. This year, we are pleased to announce the first faculty member accepting this position, Dr. Bruce Montague of the University of California at Santa Cruz. Dr. Montague is currently visiting the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.

Golden Jubilee Lecture Series: The IIT Foundation is proud to sponsor the international lecture series scheduled throughout the Golden Jubilee year. Distinguished speakers from many countries around the world will be traveling to IIT Kharagpur with funding from the IIT Foundation, beginning in January 2002.

Golden Jubilee Scholar Awards: The IIT Foundation announced one-time awards of Rs. 50,000 each to any incoming undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur in the 2001-2002 academic year with a Joint Entrance Examination rank in the top 100. The two students who qualified, Debyojyoti Jana and A.N. Ramanathan, will be presented the awards in early December 2001.

Alumni Forums and Grass Roots Initiative: The IIT Foundation has been hard at work in an effort to reach out to all alumni living in the United States. The Grass Roots Initiative, headed by Shailendra Kumar (Mech, 1987, RK), was formed to encourage greater participation from alumni, both in leadership and financial support of the Foundation.

As part of this outreach effort, the IIT Foundation has elected to extend the current Board of Directors until June 2002 in order to have adequate time to facilitate participation by IIT alumni in areas of the country currently under-represented within the Foundation. Shailendra Kumar has been appointed as interim Vice President. Shailendra has been an active volunteer for close to 10 years and has been on the IIT Foundation Board since early 2000. He has been instrumental in initiating Professional Networking Forums in the San Francisco Bay Area and other chapters, creating a global discussion forum for alumni leaders and is representing IIT Foundation in Pan-IIT initiatives.

We encourage all alumni to increase participation in the Foundation through the exchange of ideas, providing feedback, volunteering, and financial donations.

Now is the time to show your support of the IIT Foundation and our accomplishments this past year, by sending in a year-end contribution. (All contributions to IIT Foundation are deductible from Federal Income Tax for US Tax payers). We are justly proud of how the Foundation has grown in the past two years and hope that you see the benefit of supporting our organization as well. A donation form follows for your convenience.

Wishing you a happy, prosperous and healthy 2002,

Arvind Jain
IIT Foundation
December 2001