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Letter from Arjun Malhotra, Chairman of Vision 2020 Initiative

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Letter to Alumni from Arjun Malhotra, Chairman of Vision 2020 Initiative

June 8th, 2003

Fellow IIT Kharagpur alumni,

Arjun MalhotraIndia Today recently ranked IIT Kharagpur as the No. 1 Engineering College in India, for the third consecutive year! Kgp Ka Tempo High Hai!

I am pleased to be writing to you as the Chairman of Vision 2020 initiative.

In Feb. 2003 we formally launched Vision 2020 -- a fundraising initiative aimed at generating $200 million in endowment funds for IIT Kharagpur by the year 2020. The Vision 2020 Team is responsible for IIT Foundations overall fundraising efforts.

I feel fortunate about receiving world-class education in India at almost no fee. I, like most of us, have been personally and professionally shaped by a world-class educational experience at IIT Kharagpur. We matured as persons, learnt from outstanding faculty and fellow students and had access to the best infrastructure the country could afford. This educational experience has helped most of us IIT'ians in becoming corporate, academic or thought leaders in our chosen fields, around the world.

I, therefore, feel a strong passion to "give back" to enhance the educational experiences for future generations of IIT faculty and students. As you may be aware, Dr. Suhas Patil (65, ECE, RK) and I jointly funded the Golden Jubilee Alumni Network at IIT Kharagpur. This network has wired each hall room in IIT with a world-class Internet connection that we hope will connect the students to the rapidly changing world of technology. My wife, Kiran, and I have also funded the G.S. Sanyal School of Telecom, set up to conduct research in the frontier areas of telecommunications such as networking, switching, transmission, wireless and optical communication systems, etc.

IIT Kharagpur requires your support to enhance and sustain its status as the leading technical educational institute in the world. IIT Kharagpur must have world-class infrastructure (labs, equipment, etc.), attract and retain world-class faculty, and attract the best students at all levels. All three elements require financial resources.

I am sure you have a lot of questions about giving back. The Vision 2020 Team has developed comprehensive FAQs and answers. Please review these at our web-site www.iitfoundation.org. Be assured that we, your fellow alums in the IIT Foundation Board of Directors and the Vision 2020 Team, have the same interest in making sure that our hard earned money is well spent and provides the biggest bang for the buck.

So let the buck stop at each of your desks, minds and hearts. I encourage you to give back as well. We all learnt stories in school about strength in unity. There is strength in numbers. If each of us gave back at whatever levels that we can afford today and continue to do so each month, quarter and year we would be closer in achieving our aim of $200 million endowment fund by year 2020. Find a program or initiative that is close to your hearts, find a regular frequency and level of giving that is comfortable to you. Give back to IIT Kharagpur.

It was especially heart warming for me to read that the Golden Jubilee Alumni Network, the Advanced VLSI Lab and the Distinguished Lecture Series, all alumni funded programs, were mentioned by India Today as some of the factors in its decision to rank IIT Kharagpur No. 1 Engineering College in India, for the third consecutive year..

From my personal experience there are a few things in life that give so much satisfaction as giving back to our beloved alma mater and seeing the current generation of students get a better quality of educational experience than we received.

IIT Kharagpur, the Vision 2020 Team, and I are counting on you for your contributions.

Warm regards,

Arjun Malhotra (70 ECE RP)
Chairman, Vision 2020 Initiative

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