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Letter From IIT Foundation President

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Letter from IIT Foundation President

October 13 2004:

Dear Fellow IIT Kharagpur Alum,

The purpose of this e-mail is to share an overview of Vision 2020, some of the recent actions taken and planned future actions.

Firstly, IIT Foundation's new Board of Directors was appointed for a two year term starting Aug. 1, 2004 through July 31, 2006. I am pleased to inform you that all the IIT Foundation Board members are passionate about IIT Kharagpur and have demonstrated exemplary commitment in serving IIT Kharagpur and its alumni network.

Secondly, I am optimistic that working together with you we can make tremendous contributions towards making and sustaining IIT Kharagpur as a world-class institute of higher learning, research and innovation, and its alumni network one of the best in the world.

Vision 2020:

IIT Foundation's goal is to enable world-class excellence at IIT Kharagpur. Our vision for IIT Kharagpur is that IIT Kharagpur becomes and sustains as:
  1. One of the world's leading educational institutes in academics, research and innovation.
  2. Preferred destination of choice for students, faculty, corporations, research institutions and local communities.
  3. Economic growth engine for Kharagpur, Midnapore, West Bengal, the Eastern India, India and the world as Princeton University, Stanford University and MIT have been to their respective regions and the world.
  4. Recognized as such.

The journey to achieve Vision 2020 is long and will be challenging. We can and will achieve it -- One Initiative, One Action, One Day at a Time.

Key Actions Taken:

  1. We have eliminated the paid position of Executive Director. Therefore, effective Sep. 10, 2004 Ms. Jane O'Connor is no longer associated with the IIT Foundation.
  2. The above action and on-going fiscal discipline will enable us to direct 95% of the contributions to the approved programs for IIT Kharagpur. The 5% will be used to cover basic administrative, communication and incidental expenses. We are able to achieve this exemplary contribution level thanks to a growing and dedicated alumni leader volunteers around the country.
  3. The IIT Foundation Board of Directors had a meeting on September 18, 2004 and decided on the following:
    1. The Board agreed on the proposed August 1, 2004--July 31, 2006 objectives. Every Board member to:
      1. Contribute and get at least 10 alumni to contribute to IIT Foundation in 2004, 2005, and 2006.
      2. Participate in at least 2 local chapter alumni events and one non-local chapter alumni event.
      3. Participate in at least one IIT Foundation program.
    2. The Board agreed to focus on four proposed programs and raise money from alumni for these programs.
      1. Student Scholarships
      2. Visiting Faculty
      3. IIT Kharagpur Branding
      4. Quality of Student Life
    3. The Board agreed to have an in-person BOD meeting in conjunction with senior alumni and IIT leadership strategy/planning meeting on Febuary 18--20, 2005 in San Francisco.

Immediate Future Plans:

We are stepping up our efforts on the key IIT Foundation initiatives:
  1. Alumni Advisory Council: Initiated to assist IIT in creating and sustaining world-class departments and centers by leveraging senior and prominent alumni insights and relationships. Alumni Advisory Council is IIT Kharagpur's "Brain Trust".
  2. Student Scholarships/AVLSI Lab: Aimed to attract the best students to IIT Kharagpur. IIT Foundation Board has currently approved funding of graduate research assistant scholarships that will attract the best B.Tech. students in India to join its Advanced VLSI (AVLSI) Lab program. We will also review other student scholarships in the future.
  3. Quality of Student Life: We believe that current and future students deserve better facilities. The program is currently on the drawing boards and gathering momentum. The ideas include focus on improved and cleaner Hall Kitchens, bathrooms, common room, etc. on one hand to building a state-of-the-art health and recreation center for all the students on the other.
  4. Local Chapter Events: Local chapters play a key role in delivering social and professional value to alumni. The local chapter leadership is also a key source for future IIT Foundation leadership. We plan to selectively increase/improve the local chapter events and add new chapters.
  5. e-Store: We plan to launch an e-store that would enable alumni to buy or send IIT Kharagpur merchandise as a gift.
  6. Web-services: A critical resource facilitating connectivity with students, alumni and IIT, we plan to upgrade some of the functionalities and content.
  7. Vision 2020 Fundraising: All of these initiatives require financial resources. The alumni are also the "Financial Trust". We are launching 2004 Annual Campaign imminently. Joe Srestha (1972, NA, AZ), Secretary, IIT Foundation is also the Annual Campaign Chairman and will be sending out a letter to you shortly. All the Board of Directors and local chapter leaders are committed to raise funds and some of the local chapters are organizing special alumni events to spur increased fundraising and participation.

Each program now has a dedicated leader and a core team. The program leaders and teams will be sharing periodic updates on their respective programs.

We welcome your suggestions on IIT Foundation, IIT Kharagpur and how we can work together to achieve our shared objective of making and sustaining IIT Kharagpur as a world-class institute of higher learning, research and innovation, and its alumni network one of the best in the world.

I look forward to working with you.

KGP Ka Tempo High Hai!

Shailendra "Shail" Kumar
1987, ME, RK
IIT Foundation

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