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Introducing The Alumni Advisory Council

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Introducing the Alumni Advisory Council

November 30 2004:

[ Please contact the council at aac@iitfoundation.org if you have any questions. ]

Fellow IIT Kharagpur Alumni:

This brief note from the Alumni Advisory Council ("AAC") of the IIT Foundation is to let you know what we are up to and to get you involved with the Visiting Faculty Program. It is our goal to substantially increase visits of world-class scholars and researchers to IIT Kharagpur.

We believe that visiting faculty deliver a fresh perspective, and expose students and faculty to new course materials and way of thinking. All our past engagement in visiting faculty has delivered raving feedback from students and faculty. The IIT Foundation Board has decided to institutionalize this program. We believe that with your help IIT-KGP will be a destination campus for the best teachers and researchers, and we would like to jump-start this with our Visiting Faculty Program.

You can help in two ways:

First is to help fund the program. The funds will be used to facilitate extended visits of one week or more that will allow enough time for networking, short courses, planning for collaborative research, etc. As usual, your gift to IIT Foundation is tax-deductible (for USA Federal Income tax payers). You can contribute now at http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate .

Second, if you are a researcher in a university, national laboratory or industrial research organizations, we invite you to get involved. We are developing a database of such individuals and their expertise, together with their availability to get involved. Please contact us and we will be working with the departments at IIT Kharagpur to find the right connections. We are already working with the EE, ECE and CSE departments and expect to expand to all departments in time. If you already have connections with IIT Kharagpur, we would love to know about it. If you are not ready for an extended visit but would like to scout out what is happening there in the research front the next time you are in India, we would be happy to try and make such a visit happen.

For more information on the Alumni Advisory Council and or IIT Foundation please visit http://www.iitfoundation.org or contact us at aac@iitfoundation.org .

We look forward to your contributions and hearing from you.

Please feel free to distribute this message to fellow IIT Kharagpur alums, globally.


Anjan Bose, 1967 EE RK
Chairman AAC, IIT Foundation
Dean, Washington State University

Sunil Gaitonde, 1983 EE RK
Program Executive AAC, IIT Foundation
Chairman, Sarvega

Other AAC Members:

  • Prithviraj "Prith" Banerjee, Dean, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Parvati Dev, Associate Dean, Stanford Medical School
  • Shail Kumar, President, IIT Foundation
  • Pradeep Khosla, Dean, Carnegie Mellon University
  • T Faculty Team:
  • Saswat Chakrabarti, ECE
  • Amit Patra, EE
  • Partha Pratim Chakrabarti, CSE and Dean, SRIC
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