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Season of Giving -- Put IIT Kharagpur on the Fast Track

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Season of Giving -- Put IIT Kharagpur on the Fast Track

Decemner 7 2004:

Dear KGPian:

On October 18th 2004, Joseph (Joe) Sreshta (1972 NA AZ), Chairman, 2004 Annual Fundraising Campaign and Secretary, IIT Foundation, kicked off the 2004 fundraising season by e-mailing you a letter describing how giving back will contribute to making IIT Kharagpur one of the world's best engineering school.

In response we received this letter, which I personally think, was aimed at ragging the Vision 2020 team. So read on :)

"My name is Asoke, a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, who received admission to a US college because of my own hard work, the references of my professors and reputation of IIT Kharagpur. I know I owe the Indian tax payer/government for subsidizing my tuition costs, and would like to start repaying my debt; but it would be twice as sweet if I could recover this donation from Businesses and from Uncle Sam.

Any suggestions?

I can donate $360/year (0.5% of my Salary i.e $70,000 per year) today."

Asoke, here's a "Deal" that will cost you nothing, & help raise $1.0M:
  1. Donate $360 today (visit http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate )
  2. Use 2-for-1 coupons when eating out with friend/family 1 day/week:
    - (Savings $10.00 per week x 12 weeks = $120)
  3. Reduce the number of "eat out lunches" by one day per week.
    - (Savings $10.00 per week x 12 weeks = $120)
  4. Use coupons when shopping at the Grocery store.
    - (Savings $5.00 per week x 12 weeks = $60)
  5. File Taxes & Receive a Tax Deduction.
    - (Tax Savings $60 est.)
  6. Net Cost to You: $0.

We ask each Alumni to take the "Vision 2020, $1.0 M Challenge" by donating a minimum of $1 per day ($360 per year) or 0.5% of your income -- which ever is higher, and help raise $1.0M ($360/KGPian x 3000 KGPians) before December 31st, 2004.

Make a difference, put IIT Kharagpur on the fast track to becoming one of the world's best engineering school, and keep Jawaharlal Nehru's vision alive.

(See details of how your funds are used at http://www.iitfoundation.org )

Happy New Year to you and your dear ones.

Roy daSilva,
1974 EE RK
President, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Vision 2020 Team, IIT Foundation

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