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An Update on the Advanced VLSI_Design Laboratory at IIT Kharagpur

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An Update on the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory at IIT Kharagpur

December 14 2004:

Dear IIT Kharagpur Alum,

About 4 years ago, the IIT Foundation came up with a visionary proposal to set up a state of the art Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory in Kharagpur. The aim was to achieve excellence in design and research using latest technology at the global level and pave the way to placing IIT Kharagpur on the international map.

This laboratory now has the latest set of computers, CAD Tools, test equipment and fabrication libraries at 0.25um and 0.18um CMOS and other related technology. Such a sophisticated facility is not available in any other academic institution in India. This infrastructure has enabled our students, staff and faculty to carry out both front-end and backend designs. National Semiconductor Corporation has been a key technical partner in this effort by providing their libraries and free fabrication facility. Other industry partners like Cadence, Synopsys and Sun Microsystems have provided their CAD tools and hardware at nominal cost. This laboratory and related projects have been able to retain more than twenty competent IIT B.Tech graduates every year, from the CSE, E&ECE and EE Departments to work here as Research Consultants, something unique in recent times.

The laboratory has been successful in bringing out significant amount of quality work. About 15 faculty members are involved with the activities of the lab, led by Prof. Partha Pratim Chakrabarti and Prof. Amit Patra. On the Alumni and IIT Foundation side the laboratory receives guidance from a distinguished team of industry and academy experts.

The design work going on in the laboratory covers various aspects of analog, digital and mixed-signal applications. Till date about 50 chips covering more than 30 different designs have been taped out by the lab. During the past two years more than 25 research papers have been published. About 5 Master's theses have been completed and about 40 MS and PhD students are currently registered. They have been regularly nominated for the Design Contest of the International VLSI Conference, and have won several awards. Several short training programs were organized in the areas of analog design (Prof. Phillip Allen), digital design (late Prof. John Uyemura) and RF-design (Prof. David Allstot).

While some achievements have been made, much remains to be done. The following are the major action plans for the next three years:

  1. Establish the Lab as a Global Center of Excellence.
  2. Participate in the development of successful products.
  3. Upgrade computing equipment and purchase additional test equipment to provide adequate research capability.
  4. Support a team of about 6 PhD students and faculty in frontier areas of research.
  5. Invite experts from abroad as short-term and long-term visiting faculty.

While Institute and Governmental support is being sought for items 1 to 4, the IIT Foundation is requested to at least partially support on items 4 and 5. The funding requirement is $20,000 per student (this will cover one PhD student for a period of 3 years). Our objective is to start with 6 PhD students in 2005 and then seek funding to grow that number in coming years. This fund is primarily solicited from alumni sources for unconstrained research (in contrast to industry sponsored research projects). National Semiconductor will provide its free fab facility only to these projects. Although we have received funding commitments from some of our distinguished alumni, we need more people to come forward and contribute to this excellent project of which we can be proud of.

Please make your generous contributions (tax deductible for USA Federal Income Tax payers) through IIT Foundation. Donations can be made online at http://www.iitfoundation.org/donate .

Thank you.

With best regards,

Dr. Suhas Patil
Chairman, AVLSI Lab, IIT Foundation
Chairman-Emeritus, Cirrus Logic
1965 ECE RK

Dr. Sudipta Bhawmik
Program Executive, AVLSI Lab, IIT Foundation
Member of Technical Staff, Agere Systems
1980 ECE RK

Other IIT Foundation AVLSI Team Members:

  • Dr. Prith Banerjee, Dean, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Dr. Bijoy Chatterjee, Director, National Semiconductor
  • Dr. Purnendu Chatterjee, Chairman, Chatterjee Group
  • Mr. Shail Kumar, President, IIT Foundation
  • Mr. Arjun Malhotra, Chairman and CEO, Headstrong
  • Dr. C Rama Mohan, Member of Technical Staff, Intel