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Institute Hangouts

As will be evident from what follows, the most popular places on campus usually involved food. I can recall the following places from my bank of memory:


Known to most as "Waldies", Waldorf Restaurant is located just outside the campus limits and is probably the most popular place for getting a treat when someone gets a job or an admission into a school of higher learning. Boisterous laughter and frolic characterize the place and it is probably the only good place near campus for being served alcohol. The cuisine is chinese and t'was probably the most expensive place for food as well...


Nehru Crowd at Harry's (Thanks: Venkat Chalasani)

Located at the corner of Salua Road and Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Ave, this place used to be another great place to spend time over countless chai's (tea) and samosas. It was named after Harry's Filling Station which was right across the road. (That gas station changed hands later to become Swapan Filling Station.) It seems to have lost its charm recently since the wall around it was constructed. It was probably the favorite place to be at in the evenings.


This was another restaurant which was frequented by many for good vegetarian food and hindi music. Since the opening of the all night canteen, it was the best place to get food and talk to friends at unearthly hours. The Jnan Ghosh Stadium was located just behind this place and interesting things used to go on in the darker quarters of the stadium aisles.

Sahara Restaurant

Run by "Nikku", this place was less frequented by students than Vegies. However, it drew more of the administrative staff from the close by quarters. A good place for open air dining. Might lose your voice by the time you manage to entice the Chapati/Roti boy near your table...


Another late night hangout which was frequented more by the people of the new campus. It was probably the only 24 hour food facility that one could rely on if one's ventures lasted far beyond normal working hours.


Anarkali Restaurant, located very close to Waldies, was an alternative to Waldies for treats if Indian Cuisine was desired. Booze was somewhat clandestinely served...

S N Hall

The place which was frequented by the exalted few - the girls' hostel. Need I say more?


The local market (aka Technology Market) where one could go to buy groceries, stationery and sweets. Another hangout for people with time to spare.

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