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SN and IG Halls

The IG Garden viewed from outside the common room in '96
The Hall
Sarojini Naidu Hall has two main buildings: Old SN (with C,D&E blocks) and IG (with F,G&H). The building are markedly similar in architecture, with all the rooms opening to the central quadrangle. The quadrangle, which was just a pile of construction rubble till recently, has been converted to a garden with a remarkable display of flowers (picture above). The front- facing block of IG, has a spacious mess on the ground floor and a large common room on the first. The same block in SN has the visitor's foyer and the guest rooms.
Apart from the warden, asst. warden, mess manager and mess workers, SN also has a large team of gate duty-ladies (you'll see them in their prim white sarees and grim expressions in the visitor's foyer). We also have a makeshift hall-store and night canteen... but SNites largely depend on Eggies for late-night grub. There is an elected hall council to handle the budget and other events. For those with a penchant for details, there is a link to the SN History and Schematic drawing of the hall.
The Essence
    Life in SN is really centered around three areas: the mess, the common room and the quadrangle (in that order!). My first impressions of the mess include a large line of hungry girls in the roti line, a team of shouting mess-ammas at the counter, a thoroughly hassled mess-duty girl checking for preferences, two large mess tables with dal, rice and home-made pickle being passed from end to end, a bunch of cats eating off finished plates, and everybody talking in their loudest voice. Things really got interesting on special dinner days when the preference line started well before 7:00pm. The mess was also where the most interesting fundaes were given and learnt during OP and where everything ended with deafening hall tempo shouts.
    The commmon room was the favourite haunt for TV junkies and soc-cult enthusiasts. The room was too big to ever fill to capacity, so it was ideal for Saraswati pujas, Rangoli, play/ choreo practice and of course, MR!!
    The garden was best kept (and best loved) in winters, and everyone sat around to get some sun on weekends (...1st and 2nd years typically ended up having heated inter-batch shouting matches and some memorable water fights). It was also the site for all hall day activities.
    For a list of other events on the SNites agenda, check the links below.
ILU/ Rangoli
Hall Day
Essence Week 
Fresher's Welcome
Final Yr Farewell
March Past
News and Updates
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    ELECTIONS '99-'00: SMITA, from SN Hall was elected GSEC-SOC CULT for the academic year '99-'00. It turned out to be a HUGE experience for all the hall members- campaigning for Smita and attempting pacts despite a feeble hall strength... but anyway, they dunnit! And for the first time in IIT KGP history too! Smita's co-Gsec is M Pawan Kumar from Azad, and the VP is Debdeep Chatterjee from RK.
    GC For HALL ACTIVITIES: SN also bagged the GC for Hall Activities... gardening 2nd and cleanliness 1st. Shil (Hall P) had the honor of walking away with two shields at the awards ceremony in Netaji.
    Final YR Farewell: The final year farewell took place as usual... Shil won the Ms SN title. Must have floored the junta with her wit.
    Q: Should all SNites have boyfriends?
    A: Yes definitely. It improves relationships with other halls... which is good for election campaigns!
    Someone has the election bug! Way to go, Shil!!
On the Lighter Side
The most flouted rule established by authorities is probably the 10:30 rule. Girls should not leave the hall after the hour except for special reasons (which include going to lab, TMS/TDS practice, working in library, ad infinitum...).
Visitors to SN periodically complain at being kept waiting in the foyer for ages. What actually happens is: the gate duty lady yells into the intercom (" Girl's_Name bhijitaar") and while the girl will probably not know she is being called... people in Harrie's can easily hear the announcement.
Another reigning complain of friends and dept-mates from outside SN, copied verbatim: "Also please mention [in your website] that while dogs, rikshaw pullers and all kinds of other perverts[!] had the right to enter and leave the hall, decent intelligent people[!!] had to wait outside for the fear that they were going to mar the decency of the hallowed place..." Whew!!
(I was asked to add a section on the SN trees). There were some three or four trees in the SN grounds that were very popular with some residents. Apparently the trees provided the correct ambience for a romantic conversation... in varying degrees. The one furthest from the foyer (and the gate duty ladies) was, understandably, the most intersting. . 
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