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Job shower on B-school  [Local Copy]
Telegraph India, April 7, 2005

The making of new IITs  [Local Copy]
Rediff.com, March 22, 2005

Indian Americans Modify Nanotubes Using Clean Method  [Local Copy]
indolink.com, March 18 2005
Somenath Mitra is 1981 CH LLR

Hot tips to succeed in the beauty biz  [Local Copy]
Rediff.com, March 17, 2005
Rahul Bhalchandra is 1989 NA PH

IITs to offer new courses  [Local Copy]
Rediff.com, March 9 2005

IIT Kharagpur among top 100 Asia Pacific univs  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, December 22 2004

NRI appointed director in US varsity  [Local Copy]
Times of India, December 15 2004
About Ananda Mitra, 1984 CH AZ

IIT Kharagpur announces new courses  [Local Copy]
Hindustan Times, November 30 2004

IIT Kharagpur B-school plans to induct foreign students  [Local Copy]
The Statesman, November 26 2004

Now, Google goes scholarly  [Local Copy]
Times of India, November 20 2004
About Anurag Acharya, 1987 CS RP

PanIIT for faculty, interface role  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, November 10 2004

Indian Institutes of Technology Produce CEOs, Bankers, Anxiety  [Local Copy]
Bloomberg.com, Nov 3 2004

Why India must invest in intellect  [Local Copy]
The Hindu Business Line, October 12 2004

Wireless network fame, Bengal base - Mit magazine's young innovator  [Local Copy]
The Telegraph, October 1 2004
About Chaitali Sengupta, 1992 CS SN

The 7 secrets behind IITians' global success  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, September 29 2004

High technology from India is just down the street  [Local Copy]
The Seattle Times, August 11, 2004
Mentions Rajeev Agarwal, 1986 RK ME

Don't Chug It, Fly  [Local Copy]
Outlook Magazine, August 9, 2004
A profile of Rono Dutta

IITians are taking over the tech biz in the US  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, July 28, 2004

Kosh no more, now fund your alma mater freely  [Local Copy]
Times of India, July 27, 2004

To Sir And A Cop, With Love  [Local Copy]
Outlook India, July 12 2004

IIT goes Lalu way  [Local Copy]
Times of India, July 6, 2004

IITian engineers Carnegie success  [Local Copy]
Times of India, June 11 2004
Pradeep Khosla is 1980 EE RP

NU luminary becomes UIC dean of engineering  [Local Copy]
Chicago Sun Times, June 4 2004
Prith Banerjee is 1981 AZ ECE

IIT-Kharagpur Targets $200 Million From Alumni By 2020  [Local Copy]
Financial Express, May 30 2004

IITs' Class of 2004 in the big league  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 9th 2004

IIT Kharagpur develops chipset  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, May 13, 2004

Chowdhury to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Michigan Tech  [Local Copy]
Michigan Tech Press Release, April 22, 2004
Subir Chowdhury is 1989 RK AE

Canadian pastures open up for IIT-Kgp students  [Local Copy]
Times of India, March 31 2004

USC and IIT Join Forces on Opposite Sides of the World  [Local Copy]
University of Souther California Press Release, March 29 2004

Dubey gets global award, his family waits for justice  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, March 22 2004

IIT software to break language barriers  [Local Copy]
Times of India, March 20 2004

It's IITians' turn to slam Joshi  [Local Copy]
Times of India, March 2, 2004

IIT bait to net 'brain drain  [Local Copy]
Times of India, January 20, 2004

Joshi's remarks on IITs create furore  [Local Copy]
Times of India, January 18, 2004

IIT Kharagpur bags Rs 14.7crore metallurgy projects  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, January 12, 2004

IIT-Kanpur honours Dubey  [Local Copy]
Times of India, January 5, 2004

IIT Kharagpur Alumni Articulate Their Perspective on Vision 2020 at the First Annual Meet of IIT Kharagpur Global Alumni Network
IIT Foundation Press Release, January 4, 2004

IIT seeks alumni support  [Local Copy]
The Statesman, January 4, 2004

IIT students keep Dubey's memory alive  [Local Copy]
NDTV.com, December 23, 2003

IITians want Centre to guide whistleblowers  [Local Copy]
Times of India, December 17, 2003

IIT engineer stood up to highway corruption, shot dead in Bihar  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, November 27 2003

IIT Kharagpur to double student, faculty strength  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, November 12, 2003

Web resource for natural remedies  [Local Copy]
Akron Beacon Journal, October 12, 2003
Article about Jacob Matthew, 1971 MET PH

Why should poor Indians subsidise the IITian, asks Rahul Bajaj  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, September 18, 2003

IIT-Kharagpur Opens Scholarships To Honour IITians   [Local Copy]
Financial Express, September 17, 2003

Agarwal says global citizenship vital  [Local Copy]
Puget Sound Business Journal, September 15, 2003
Rajeev Agarwal, 1986 ME RK, mentioned as one of "FORTY under FORTY" in the Seattle Area

Dilbert Does IIT  [Local Copy]
Dilbert Cartoon Strip mentions IIT, September 15th 2003
Dilbert Cartoon Strip, September 15 2003
You can order mugs, t-shirts, prints etc. featuring this cartoon as well...

Sarvega Delivers Xtreme XML  [Local Copy]
Silicon India, August 2003
Sunil Gaitonde, 1983 EE RK, is a co-founder of Sarvega

IIT incentives to meet competition   [Local Copy]
The Times of India, July 18, 2003

IIT alumni meet in Delhi  [Local Copy]
The Hindu, July 15, 2003

Vajpayee honours 12 Indian scientists  [Local Copy]
newindpress.com, July 13, 2003
Sankar Kumar Nath, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, IIT KGP, is one of the recipients

IIT Kharagpur Ranked #1 Engineering College in India
India Today, June 2, 2003

Joshi Kosh impact: No more funds for IITs  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, May 17, 2003
Bharat Shiksha Kosh opposed  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 27, 2003
Shiksha Kosh: Stumbling block for IITs' funding  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 25, 2003
Indian Institutes in Trouble  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, May 24, 2003
Alma Matters  [Local Copy]
Times of India Editorial, May 21, 2003

Shourie: MIT asked to go, IIT may step in  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 10, 2003

Nine Indians in elite US science academy  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 8, 2003
National Academy of Engineering Elects 77 Members  [Local Copy]
National Academy of Engineering Press Release, February 14, 2003
Anjan Bose, one of the new members, is 1967 EE RK
72 New Members Chosen by Academy  [Local Copy]
National Academy of Sciences Press Release, April 29, 2003
Praveen Chaudhari, one of the new members, is 1961 MET AZ

Buffet Says Has 4 Potential Successors  [Local Copy]
Yahoo News, May 5, 2003
(One of these potential successors, Ajit Jain, is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur)

Sam Dalal: The man behind every illusion  [Local Copy]
Times of India, April 9, 2003

New Dean of Alumni Affairs at IIT Kharagpur  [Local Copy]
IIT Kharagpur Press Release, April 2003

Foundation's edge  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, March 23, 2003

Networking new mantra for IIT alumni  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, March 12, 2003

IIT Kharagpur Alumni Accelerate Plans to Develop One of the World's Best Alumni Networks
IIT Foundation Press Release, March 10, 2003

Changing streams at IIT  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, March 9, 2003

IIT tapped to design floating city  [Local Copy]
Telegraph, March 5, 2003

For those who stayed behind  [Local Copy]
Times of India, February 24, 2003
The author, Jairam Ramesh, is a graduate of IIT Bombay

Students for the world: India's dilemma  [Local Copy]
Asia Times, February 19, 2003

Ex-students focus on brand IIT  [Local Copy]
The Telegraph, February 17, 2003

Alumni wants unified logo for IIT  [Local Copy]
Sify News, February 17, 2003

The IIT Story: Issues and Concerns  [Local Copy]
Frontline, February 14, 2003

Promote innovation in IITs, says expert  [Local Copy]
Times of India, February 12, 2003

IIT-Kharagpur unit targets Rs 40-cr revenue   [Local Copy]
Hindu Business Line, February 7, 2003

Joshi wants R&D at IITs to focus on social good  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, February 4, 2003

Alumni to raise $200 mn for IIT Kharagpur  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Feb 04, 2003

IIT alumni to meet in Bangalore  [Local Copy]
Deccan Herald, Feb 03, 2003

IIT Kharagpur Alumni Launch Vision 2020, a $200M Endowment Fund Initiative
IIT Foundation Press release, Feb 03, 2003

IIT-KGP to have wider interface with industry  [Local Copy]
Hindu Business Line, January 31, 2003

IIT Kharagpur to enhance alumni interaction  [Local Copy]
Business Standard, January 31, 2003

Indian-American to head iconic US lab  [Local Copy]
The Economic Times, January 31, 2003
Praveen Chaudhari is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur

16 states cast their nets to catch an IIT  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, Jan 31, 2003

Monsoon Records Show Link with Global Climate  [Local Copy]
Yahoo News, January 22, 2003
Article about research by Prof. Anil Gupta, IIT Kharagpur

Tech One  [Local Copy]
IndianExpress, January 19 , 2003
Has a brief interview with Sanjiv Goenka, the chairman of the Board of Governors, IIT Kharagpur

IIT alumni celebrate anniversary  [Local Copy]
rediff.com, January 19, 2003

IIT is an incredible institution, says Bill Gates  [Local Copy]
rediff.com, January 18, 2003

Indian Institute marks 50 years  [Local Copy]
San Jose Mercury News, January 18, 2003

The IIT story: From a prison complex to the global market  [Local Copy]
Hindustan Times, January 18, 2003

IITs better than US institutes, says CBS  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Jan 18, 2003

Silicon Valley Spotlight on Bengal IITian  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, January 16, 2003
About Amitabha Ghosh, 1993 GG LLR

Imported From India  [Local Copy]
CBS 60 Minutes: Originally Aired on: Jan 12, 2003

He made environment a national concern  [Local Copy]
The Hindu, January 4, 2003
About Anil Agarwal, BTech. ME IIT Kharagpur, who passed away recently

Engineering change  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, December 27, 2002

Big guns come together to promote brand IIT  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Dec 26, 2002

An institution builder   [Local Copy]
The Hindu, December 12, 2002
About Prof. Jnan Chandra Ghosh, the founding director of IIT Kharagpur

NRI Arun Sarin to be next Chief Executive of Vodafone  [Local Copy]
Outlook, Dec 18, 2002
Read an interview with Arun Sarin (1975 MET) in the Septmber 2002 issue of AlumNet, the IIT Foundation Newsletter

Joshi's stick for IITs: No funds without research  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, December 5, 2002

Guru-Dakshina: The IIT of receiving and giving  [Local Copy]
Times of India, October 13, 2002

IIT gets tremor trackers   [Local Copy]
Telegraph India, October 9, 2002

Enabling industrial progress   [Local Copy]
Frontline, September 13, 2002

A committed player   [Local Copy]
Frontline, September 13, 2002

Techs 'N' Mechs   [Local Copy]
Outlook, September 9, 2002

Alumni seek say in fund disposal   [Local Copy]
Times of India, August 20, 2002

Song Of The Loom  [Local Copy]
Outlook, July 22, 2002

VGSOM to have closer ties with industry  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, July 13, 2002

IITs now reinventing themselves  [Local Copy]
Rediff.com, June 26, 2002

India Tech: What's the Matter U?   [Local Copy]
Wired, June 25, 2002

From IIT, real doctors virtually yours   [Local Copy]
Indian Express, June 22, 2002

It takes a doer to make pathbreaking changes   [Local Copy]
Indian Express, June 6, 2002
About Bishnu Pradhan, 1961 ECE AZ

IIT Kharagpur ranked #1
India Today, May 13, 2002

Prof. S. K. Dube is IIT Kharagpur's New Direcor  [Local Copy]
IIT Kharagpur Press Release, May, 2002

Kharagpur's Legend  [Local Copy]
[ Article about the history of IIT Kharagpur]
In pursuit of excellence  [Local Copy]
[ An interview with Prof. Amitabha Ghosh, former Director, IIT Kharagpur ]
Frontline, Apr 27, 2002

Brain-Drain Theory Debunked   [Local Copy]
India West, April 26, 2002

Global cos turning the tide for Indian geeks  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, April 15, 2002

IIT Kharagpur research unit revenue up at Rs 30 crore   [Local Copy]
Business Line, April 14, 2002

A Bus in the Sky  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, March 31, 2002
About Bojji Rajaram, an alumnus

Better industry ties with academia mooted  [Local Copy]
Business Line, January 6, 2002

Where the mind is without fear  [Local Copy]
Economic Times, Dec 17, 2001

Prof. Prem Vrat appointed as Director of IIT Roorkee  [Local Copy]
IIT Roorkee Press Release, Dec 16, 2001
[ Prof. Prem Vrat is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur ]

A CEPT professor who built more than stuctures  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Nov 1, 2001
(Obituary of Kurula Varkey, B. Arch)

Lessons on leadership  [Local Copy]
myItAsia.net, Oct 2001
(Interview with Arjun Malhotra, 1970 EE RP)

Rubber goods export rises 19%  [Local Copy]
Business Line, Oct 01 2001
(Prof. Anil K. Bhowmick from IIT Kharagpur wins the K. M. Philip award for 2001)

Times of India, Sep 24, 2001
(An interview with Gopal Mitra, B. Arch, about the World Trade Center in New York)

CEO's song  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Sep 19, 2001
(About Ramana Gogula, alumnus)

Globalisation pace has hit India: Ajit Singh  [Local Copy]
The Hindu, September 10, 2001
Ajit Singh is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur

Futuristic technology  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Sep 1, 2001
(About Ranjit Makkuni, B. Arch)

Where India's future in the making  [Local Copy]
Bengal On The Net, Aug 22, 2001

Ministers' wrangle mars IIT golden jubilee celebrations   [Local Copy]
Times of India, Aug 19, 2001

IIT Kharagpur gears up for golden jubilee celebrations  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Aug 6, 2001

Easy go, easy come  [Local Copy]
India Express, Jul 24, 2001
(About Ajit Singh, alumnus, 1961 batch)

Cultivating dreams from wasteland  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Jul 24, 2001

IIT alumni's invisible hand in Intel's latest chip  [Local Copy]
Rediff.com, July 21, 2001

IIT Kharagpur celebrates Golden Jubilee on next generation e-learning platforms  [Local Copy]
Cisco Press Release, June 18, 2001

Medicinal plants cultivation project -- In STEP with Aditya Biotech   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, July 18, 2001

Pilgrim's progress   [Local Copy]
The Week, July 15, 2001
About Ranjit Makkuni, an alumnus

There's "e" in engineering   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, June 21, 2001

IIT Foundation and Cisco Systems to build State-of-the-Art Computer Network at IIT Kharagpur
IIT Foundation Press release, June 12, 2001

The Best Of Worlds  [Local Copy]
Outlook, May 29, 2000
(The author, Sandipan Deb, is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur)

Ulsoor lake: Clogged lung space  [Local Copy]
Times of India, May 29, 2001
(About the Bangalore chapter of IIT Kharagpur Alumni)

Mobilian secures $35 mn funding with Manpreet Khaira at the helm  [Local Copy]
indiaabroaddaily.com, May 30, 2001
(About Manpreet Khaira, 1988 CSE LLR)

IIT Kharagpur -- ranked topmost engineering college in India  [Local Copy]
India Today, May 21, 2001

PCs turns Personal Classroom   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, May 9, 2001

IIT courses for doctors, engineers  [Local Copy]
The Statesman, Apr 16, 2001

IIT Kharagpur to start medical science faculty  [Local Copy]
Financial Express, Apr 16, 2001

Boot Camp for Engineers  [Local Copy]
Forbes, Apr 14, 2001 (Free registration required)

Arjun Malhotra honored with Albert Einstein Technology Medal   [Local Copy]
Techspan, April 11, 2001
Arjun Malhotra is 1970 ECE RP

A Bus in the Sky   [Local Copy]
Indian Express, March 31, 2002
About Bojji Rajaram, an alumnus

IIT signs pact with RPRC for bio-tech protocols   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, March 12, 2001

'Quick' demise for the dinosaurs   [Local Copy]
BBC Online, March 8, 2001
About Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, an alumnus

LT Overseas introduces enriched basmati rice   [Local Copy]
Financial Express, Feb 26, 2001

IIT brain teaser: How to attract faculty & keep 'em  [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Dec 29 2000

Indian American professor honoured  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Dec 7, 2000
(About Sushil K Chaturvedi, alumnus)

Vastu is hi-tech, decides IIT  [Local Copy]
The Statesman, Nov 6, 2000

Indian American to speak at Asia-Pacific IT summit  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Nov 11, 2000
(About Arjun Malhotra, 1970 ECE RP)

ICMR takes a shot at a male contraceptive  [Local Copy]
The Indian Express, Oct 26, 2000
(Mentions Prof. Sujoy Guha, 1961 EE RP)

Bihar SP killed in encounter  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Oct 5, 2000
Was Lohardagga SP killed by police bullet?  [Local Copy]
Rediff on the Net, Oct 11, 2000
(Ajay Kumar Singh was from IIT Kharagpur, 1993 Patel EE)

Prof. Pradeep Khosla, Carnegie Mellon University  [Local Copy]
siliconindia.com, Oct 2000

W(h)ither IITs?   [Local Copy]
India-seminar.com, October 2000
Article by P V Indirasen, former Director, IIT Delhi

Bhatnagar award for 10 scientists  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Sep 27, 2000
(Partha P Chakrabarti, 1985 RK CS, is one of the recipients)

Sun to nurture future Indian techies  [Local Copy]
the DQ Week, Sep 8, 2000

PM seeks to bend norms to help cybertycoon's project   [Local Copy]
Times of India, Aug 23, 2000

Ghosh only Asian in NASA Pathfinder team  [Local Copy]
indiaabroad.com, Aug 21, 2000
(about Amitabh Ghosh, 1993 Appl. Geology LLR)

IIT-Kharagpur unit sees rise in consultancy income  [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, Aug 21, 2000

Democrats court big donor Vinod Gupta  [Local Copy]
Indiatimes, Aug 21, 2000
(about Vinod Gupta, 1967 AGE RK)

Kharagpur IIT opens country's most advanced lab  [Local Copy]
Times of India, Aug 19, 2000

All for old school ties   [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Jul 23, 2000

IIT to shun old academic course, brace up for 21st century  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, Jul 15, 2000

On Philanthropy   [Local Copy]
siliconindia.com, Jun 2000

The Best And The Brightest   [Local Copy]
Outlook India, May 29, 2000

Institute of the Week   [Local Copy]
as selected by Indya.com Apr 16, 2000

i2-Aspect union creates B2B giant   [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Apr 04, 2000
(about Pallab K Chatterjee, 1972 ECE)

Suhas Patil   [Local Copy]
siliconindia.com, Apr 2000

A Passage From India   [Local Copy]
TIME.com, Apr 2000
(mentions Suhas Patil, 1965 RK ECE)

If you can go to the MITs, they can be shifted here   [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Mar 25, 2000

SELCO-India's Managing Director Meets President Clinton   [Local Copy]
WIRE, Mar 24, 2000
(about Harish Hande, 1990 NH Energy)

Salt Lake Logs on to Kharagpur   [Local Copy]
The Telegraph, Mar 2000

IIT old students set up higher studies centre   [Local Copy]
The Telegraph, Mar 2000

Engineering Academy Awards  [Local Copy]
The Hindu, February 22, 2000
Siddharta Mukhopadhyay, EE 85 AZ as well as Prof. of EE dept, receives the "Young Engineer Award"

Life after Compaq   [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Feb 11, 2000
(about Abhishek Mukherjee, 1971 AZ ME)

Business Speak   [Local Copy]
Silicon India, Feb 2000
(about Rajiv Gupta, 1984 CSE LLR)

Technology Review 100   [Local Copy]
selects Amit Goyal, 1986 MET NH
(Also at ABCNews.com)   [Local Copy]

Bihar govt dumps real life supercop   [Local Copy]
Times of India, Jan 2000
(about Amitabh Chaudhary, 1984 AZ CE

US alumni readies to pay IIT dues   [Local Copy]
Economic Times Online, Jan 2000

Make The Dream Turn Real  [Local Copy]
The Telegraph, Jan 2000
21 voices for the 21st Century  [Local Copy]
Quality Progress, Jan 2000
(about Subir Chowdhury, 1989 RK AE)

Architect's works on display in Indianapolis  [Local Copy]
India Abroad Online, Dec 3, 1999
(About K P Singh, B. Arch)

Technical Sutra   [Local Copy]
Salon Books, Dec 1999

IIT evolving simulator for crisis control in vehicles   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, Dec 11, 1999

Technology development thro' R&D projects   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, Dec 08, 1999

Technical Sutra  [Local Copy]
Siliconindia.com, Dec 6 1999

Info king pooh-poohs IT Ministry  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, November 26, 1999

Systems modelling through bondgraph   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, Nov 24, 1999

Jewel in the Crown   [Local Copy]
ASEE Prism Online, Oct 1999

Mumbai scientist selected for Birla Science Award  [Local Copy]
Indian Express, Sep 23 1999
(About Pratim K Chattaraj, alumnus)

Based On Some Sound Physics   [Local Copy]
Rediff On The Net, Sep 1999

Khosla receives Dowd Professorship   [Local Copy]
CMU Engineering Newsletter, Fall 1999
(about Pradeep Khosla, 1980 EE RP)

Steel City to Get a Nalanda Classroom  [Local Copy]
Rediff on the Net, Aug 31 1999
(Mentions Deepak Wadhwani, 1980 Arch)

Synopsys seeds tools at Indian universities  [Local Copy]
EE Times, Aug 20 1999

Shaping business leaders differently   [Local Copy]
Financial Express, Aug 8, 1999

Tapping the old boys' net worth   [Local Copy]
Business Standard, Jul 1999

IIT-Kharagpur draws anchor IT companies   [Local Copy]
The HINDU Business Line, Jun 28, 1999

Second Indian to Head an American Airline   [Local Copy]
Rediff On The Net, Jun 1999
(about Rono Dutta, alumnus)

Bengal chosen for pilot telemedicine project   [Local Copy]
Business Standard, May 22 1999

India's best paid debut novelist since Arundhati   [Local Copy]
India Today, Mar 1999
(about Raj Kamal Jha 1989 ME)

India growing tea in the plains   [Local Copy]
The Week, Mar 1998

Techno-managers: Master of all, jack of none  [Local Copy]
Indian Express Online, Dec 21, 1998

India's Whiz Kids   [Local Copy]
BusinessWeek, Dec 1998

The immigrant Experience   [Local Copy]
Rediff on the Net, Dec 22 1997
(about Harish Saluja, 1967 MI RP)

Dr. Pallab K. Chatterjee Elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering   [Local Copy]
TI Press Release, February 20, 1997